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caption 2005 - Done and Dusted

There's a brown butterfly on the windowsill. Maybe it likes the hell-o kitty. I'm watching it flutter and land, flutter and land and thinking about Caption. Putting up Andy's exhibition, crying. Drifting down to the river, crying. Disappearing into the toilets, crying. And, of course, after it was all over, taking down Andy's exhibition, crying.

Poor old Caption, wee seat-of-the-pants comics thing; had a bit of a quiet one this year, and there were certainly other reasons for this, but one of them was because their resident artist never really got her shit together.

There was a lot good about the weekend; giving the new house its first serious set of houseguests, for starters; knitting and late-night DVD watching, too much booze and showing off my balloon plant, making plans for future festivals and DIY, and long rambles through the suburbs to track down breakfast among the ruins of saturday night in the Cowley Road roadworks (bugpete took fine photos). It was really nice having people round: motodraconis christened the lawn with its first tent, and Mardou psychoanalysed us following an early-morning candy run; picking a curly-wurly makes me complicated and fiddly, apparently.

But, I could have done without hearing the voice of my dead friend across the room just as I was running late on putting up his memorial exhibition, and trying hard not to snap at the people helping me. After a bit I stopped hearing Andy, and started hearing Will instead; reasonable enough as his stall is a regular Caption feature, but this year he wasn't there, so just as nuts. He's in New York, having fun. I'm fuzzy on the details, but he told me it involved bears.

Again with the good times; piles of cardboard robots and monkeys appearing with almost no encouragement, Leonie colouring in my Knight Rider colouring book, unexpected birthday presents, whore-hugs and much catch-up with friends I don't see often enough; introducing concourse to my crazy cartoon world, duck-stuffing and monkey-dressing, scavenging among the bargains and jamming to a background conversation about cock and Peter Greenaway's The Falls.

bring me the head of kurt cobainBut it was also a weekend that crystalized something for me; I need to step back from caption, the crazy comics convention I've helped nurse through 13 implausible years, good times and bad. It's fun, but it's been my playpen for too long; it's someone else's turn now. In fact, it's been someone else's turn for a while now, but I have such trouble letting go of things.

In the meantime I am reading the weekend's spoils, piles and piles of strange comics, full of strange wisdom: did you know that you catch warts by pointing at stars when you're counting them? Or that there's a home for obsolete drawing pens?

Damn. squigglyruth's just called me to ask me if I know where her laptop cable is. Hope she finds it, she worked so hard to get this year's caption done and dusted.

Query: If you picked up a comic called Quimty, what would you expect it to contain?


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1st Aug, 2005 16:48 (UTC)
1st Aug, 2005 17:29 (UTC)
There's a brown butterfly on the windowsill. Maybe it likes the hell-o kitty. I'm watching it flutter and land, flutter and land and thinking about Caption

More bug things going to you to die, eh?

Query: If you picked up a comic called Quimty, what would you expect it to contain?

Used R.Crumb jokes?
1st Aug, 2005 17:50 (UTC)
not a dying butterfly
I think it was sunning itself.

re. Quimty. Yes, I was afraid of that :(
1st Aug, 2005 18:17 (UTC)
Query: If you picked up a comic called Quimty, what would you expect it to contain?

Wimmin's bits? Teen orphan gymnasts? A bit of both? I'd buy it, I should think..
1st Aug, 2005 20:16 (UTC)
now that's more like it ....
1st Aug, 2005 18:30 (UTC)
I meant to go this year and bugger, I missed it. I'm sorry.
1st Aug, 2005 20:18 (UTC)
oh yes,
you were --- well, they did manage to find a committee for next year. I think decadent caption (or was it post-apocalyptic caption?) so you can make it to that one ....
3rd Aug, 2005 00:42 (UTC)
As yet untitled, I believe. At least the next committee can't blame me (!) for dragging them into it.

Take it from one who's worked on rolling conventions: you really need to take a break every three or four years. You are waaaaay overdue.
1st Aug, 2005 18:38 (UTC)
Cheers for letting me say! I rather feel I was a bit of a dozy guest though, if ya need a place to stay in return for an Oop North con just shout, I owe ya.
As for Quimty, surely it would feature merkins? (I did find a link, but thought it best not to post it, it was a bit sordid looking.)
1st Aug, 2005 20:20 (UTC)
merkins might feature
I thought you were a perfect house guest, in fact I couldn't fault any of you -- the house's crash space is now well warmed!
3rd Aug, 2005 00:43 (UTC)
Merkin? Ah yes, the US President in Dr Strangelove.
1st Aug, 2005 18:58 (UTC)
Isn't that what aquatic wenches make when the spawn?
I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye properly. But hey! I said choosing the curly wurly made you far too elaborate, not fiddly! There's something in my technique though. Gavin chose a Drifter, it's the anarchist's Twix doncha know? I would have chosen minty Poppets myself but the newsagent didn't seem to stock confectionary invented after 1989.
1st Aug, 2005 20:22 (UTC)
no truck with fancy poppets round here
--- I thought I might have got the fortunes in a twist (oh-hoho) --- elaborate I'll settle for. I was chasing round packing stuff, and didn't say goodbye properly to anyone really ...

(and I think you may be confusing merkins with mermaid's purses)
2nd Aug, 2005 09:57 (UTC)
Re: Twix
The anarchist's Twix? Nope, it's made by Nestle for Bakhunin's sweet sake! The anarchist's Twix is in fact a Twix. Tho' I'm more often on the Bountys, even tho' they haven't been vegan for years the habit was instilled then and it lingers.

I like the nothing-after-1989 Newsagents. Would Marathons still be called Marathons there?

My guess would be:
Pete Ashton - Yorkie
Jeremy - Definitely a curly wurly
Mardou - Walnut Whip
Damian - Wouldn't eat anything so silly but would reach for the Mineral Water instead

- 4 Eyed Gav
2nd Aug, 2005 13:10 (UTC)
actually, the perennially virtuous damiancugley is a fan of Fry's Turkish Delight but shhhh, don't tell anyone.
3rd Aug, 2005 14:08 (UTC)
Re: hahaha
So is Damian Edmund? Mardou could be the Wicked Witch, Jeremy Lucy, Pete Ashton would have to be Peter and I'd be that fawn guy Lucy takes tea with.

It's all finally starting to make sense.

-4 Eyed Gav
3rd Aug, 2005 15:07 (UTC)
I don't want to be Lucy
can't I be a talking beaver instead?
4th Aug, 2005 08:37 (UTC)
Re: I don't want to be Lucy
Providing we still take tea. (Tho' I know yours to be a coffee-fuelled household.)

Maybe the other guest could be Lucy. (Was she called Sophie?)
4th Aug, 2005 09:14 (UTC)
Re: I don't want to be Lucy
Sophie, yes (motodraconis). I think she might fight Mardou to be the White witch, though. The girls are rather wet, really. Except Jill from The Silver Chair.

When're you getting a livejournal, anyway? I bet 4eyedgav's not gone as a user name.
5th Aug, 2005 14:09 (UTC)
Re: I don't want to be Lucy
Been planning to get a website to house my rants for so long it's too embarassing to even relate. Maybe one day. Not sure about a LiveJournal, too diary-like, but I do like the call-and-response thing. Dunno if there's a way of incorporating that.

Any more complaints over who you are out of Narnia and I'll make you be Susan and like it!

5th Aug, 2005 14:26 (UTC)
noooo! not the tights!
You can make it look very professional -- I just keep mine looking this way because I'm a) old school and b) lazy. It also removes the faff of hosting, moderation, comment spam protection, etc. But then, so does a blogspot and you might prefer one of them.

Pete can show you how if you want to do it yourself, mind -- a commenting system is quite standard nowadays.
4th Aug, 2005 09:18 (UTC)
there's tea in the house, too
lots of tea -- green, black, spiced, flowered, red and herbal. And red bull in the fridge. I like caffeine in all its glorious forms.

Except for coke. Coke can fuck off.
4th Aug, 2005 09:39 (UTC)
Re: Twix
I'm a vegan, peppermint poppets it has to be now that they put the butterfat back into Bournville darks. Fat Fun Fascists!
I always call Twx 'The Jesus Sticks'.
5th Aug, 2005 14:06 (UTC)
Re: Twix vs Bounty
Back in the day red Bountys were vegan.

(Tho' admittedly that didn't stop me shoplifting creme eggs!!)
5th Aug, 2005 14:26 (UTC)
red bounties
1st Aug, 2005 19:49 (UTC)
One of a set of serious house guests.
Query: If you picked up a comic called Quimty, what would you expect it to contain?

It sounds great! And also very very disturbing.

Thanks so much for having me; it's being really nice seeing more of you and your friends during the past few weeks. I hope we do get to go and do some of these strange and intriguing festive things we discussed.

I've already been checking out MCR possibilities too.
1st Aug, 2005 20:29 (UTC)
ah yes
--- I suddenly realised what the problem is with All Tomorrows Parties --- it clashes with the MCR dates, I think? --- but do check out the description ( http://www.atpfestival.com/events/event_information.php?event=19 ) because they hold them ?quarterly (regularly, anyway) and we can go to the next one maybe? -- the whole chalet thing really appeals to me ...
1st Aug, 2005 21:12 (UTC)
Re: ah yes
That sounds impressive - it's a shame about the clash, but I did rant on about not changing the MC R date, so I suppose I'd better stick with that or it'll be a bad omen. Or something.

I suppose it's too soon for them to be posting info about events for 2006 - can't seem to see anything there beyond that. At a glance, it looks like my kind of noises though. I suppose it would be good to find two more people who'd be keen for the chalet thing? I agree with you that the chalet thing does sound very cool. I'd love to see the inside of one of these hi-dee-hi places for real - that would be a cultural experience and a half!
1st Aug, 2005 21:24 (UTC)
don't think there's be a problem
getting together a group of people who'd fancy it --- but yes, you block-book your chalet, the smaller chalets go earlier I think. They're curated by diff people, so there's a bit of variation between parties, the nex one migth nt be as much to your taste although looking at the ar chive ( http://www.atpfestival.com/archive/index.php ) there's a certain amount of consistency going on

... seems sort of like three r four cultural experiences bundled into one
1st Aug, 2005 19:52 (UTC)
Damn. squigglyruth's just called me to ask me if I know where her laptop cable is. Hope she finds it, she worked so hard to get this year's caption done and dusted.

Karl (Wolfson steward) has it in in his office; we'll collect when we go to pay him tomorrow.

Query: If you picked up a comic called Quimty, what would you expect it to contain?

Pornographic version of Jinty?
1st Aug, 2005 20:32 (UTC)
That was my exact thought. Glad the cable turned up. See yous tomorrow
1st Aug, 2005 22:06 (UTC)
google suggests www.imakinarium.net/ comic/110304/110304Quim.jpg but I suggest a dyslexic homage to the mayor of springfield
2nd Aug, 2005 08:47 (UTC)
it's a small internet after all
As Quim Bou seems to be a Spanish Cartoonist and contact of the lovely Carla Berrocal who attended last year's caption.

(but their comic is not altogether what I had in mind, mind)
2nd Aug, 2005 09:15 (UTC)
Sorry I couldn't make Caption this year - last weekend before Elly and I both disappear off to do stuff for a couple of weeks and fitting in a day in Oxford just wasn't viable.

I'd expect the uncut version of The Slave of Form 3B...
2nd Aug, 2005 09:26 (UTC)
missed you
--- but it looks like there'lll probably be another one. Have an exciting time!
(Deleted comment)
2nd Aug, 2005 15:14 (UTC)
fair enough, but --
the sort of naked women you'd like to look at or no? I'm just trying to figure out if it's a totally off-colour name ...
(Deleted comment)
2nd Aug, 2005 16:52 (UTC)
Re: fair enough, but --
2nd Aug, 2005 19:05 (UTC)
Any possibility of Quimby / Quimty confusion? I keep thinking of bizarre scribbled mice...
3rd Aug, 2005 08:39 (UTC)
... is this a Simpsons thing?
3rd Aug, 2005 14:45 (UTC)
Re: mice?
You're not targeting the elusive Chris Ware / Pat Mills demographic then?

Quimby The Mouse was one of the strips Ware wrote before Jimmy Corrigan, and there's a Chicago alt-book/comic shop named after him (well worth checking out, it stocks lots of weird zines and does mail-order).
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