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I am almost afraid to say this, but ...

The Picky Picky game rises up like a phoenix from the flame. I've tested the uploading (the first upload was touch slow, but it now seems to be fine) voting (please go and place your own votes) and the new archive page 0 (panels cycling as they should).

As ever, bug reports, suggestions, ideas, etc. -- leave as comments or send to me or Damian (damiancugley).

Thank you to everyone who helped re-establish the content. We're still waiting on a few pictures We now have them all back, including the elusive panel by Mike from last week. I won't need the B&W copy after all!

Oh, and Lance Armstrong was beaten by Ulrich in the time triall today. Underdog triumph! I will take it as a good omen.

The 1-bit porno show is progressing nicely, bitmaps and inverts and 50% thresholds. Who knew there was so much fun in such small file-sizes?


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19th Jul, 2003 21:28 (UTC)
Not to be grossly off-topic and gratuitously pseudo-lesbianish, but did I mention I gave Donna Barr a massage once?
21st Jul, 2003 02:19 (UTC)
are you a masseur?
... not yet, you didn't. Tell, tell!
21st Jul, 2003 14:46 (UTC)
tee hee.

Well you see, there was a gallery show in Vancouver a month or two back, "Tales from the North" it was called, exhibiting northwestern Can-Am alt-comics artwork. Donna (being among the exhibitors) came up from Washington for the closing ceremony, along with Pat Moriarty (Roberta Gregory was also expected, but her cat was sick. Or her boyfriend, I forget). I'd months since allowed notices to be published, offering up my house to "refugees", when the situation in America got weird. The Donna party didn't need a crash, as it turned out, but stopped by my house anyway.

Then... what's to tell? They were tired and sore, not to mention confused all over my kitchen with flapping maps. Therefore one by one I sat them down and went at their shoulders. (hee, Donna made noises. <3.) Got to reprazent the Canadian hospitality.

Nice day, we went and had tea with some artists downtown, and Pat gave me a print of a bizarre cartoonish totem pole he'd concocted for some other exhibition. Good Lord, I suppose I should have anticipated this, but Donna Barr has the knottiest neck in the Pacific Northwest. It's these times.
21st Jul, 2003 15:35 (UTC)
tense! nervous! excitable! donna!
I met her (and Roberta) when they were in the UK for some signings, Roberta even stayed with me for a day or so (I made her some walnut stir fry which went *purple* in the pan) -- all I really remember is her having this long involved conversation at me about what she did every Halloween and about half-way through I realised that without breath or pause (or possibly even noticing) she had stepped between real and fictional worlds. Un/fortunately I had bad laryngitis which had decayed my voice over the day (the guy at the shop was a fan and had sold me so hard everyone at the shop wanted to talk to me and find out why) so badly that my surprise was incoherent; she didn't seem to mind, she gives good monologue.

And to be gratuitously actually lesbianish they went off in one direction (at the end of the night) and I went in another with a strange girl called Helga ...

good times, good times
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