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the hostess with the nothingness/arts bandit

Damian's been away have a project meeting. I've been away having a birthday. One of us was in Paris. Not me.

I spent my birthday in Oxford, by day playing host to my Mother and her husband Clive (who is very into gables), and by night making things/lists for Caption. Tiring, tiring, up-and-down day.

It took a lot of bullying, but I eventually got them into a punt. I couldn't convince them about the champagne, so made up for it by doing all the punting myself river seething with tourists (wowing at my ability to *gasp* reverse) creepy fat man leering at me from the bridge (memories of being 14 and how the middle-aged men were suddenly there) flash of red/blue as a kingfisher shoots into the water then gasping as another kingfisher joins him and they start a screaming barney over a prime spot above the river, chasing each other up and down river, screaming and calling, but not quite for long enough for Clive to get a photo (ah-ha-ha-ha).

I love seeing her but I always get so tired. It's not that they walk more or talk more than I do with my friends. It's something to do with rhythm or pattern.

Stressful, I suppose.

The evening brought down the rain, but I had faith. It stopped before the play, which they loved, so I didn't have to feel bad about insisting they went, and brooking no argument.

I stayed up late, inking and collating reprinted minicomics. I owe somebody some, I'm sure. And that wasn't a bad birthday, all told.

(Later) (the following day) Clive found a white china knob in the broken space on the rich dark soil on Port Meadow; I found an intact bottle. We both put them back on the ground; I didn't need a little bottle. What use did he have for a broken white china knob?

I gave the china knob to the earlier of our two small Cthulus. Clive took the bottle away as a souvenir.

Alex (sister) gave me an owl with blinking amber eyes. Terry gave me a small but very posable Bruce Lee. My friends all clubbed together and bought me a laminater, so now my doodles will last forever -- and, place mats for everybody this Christmas! (And it'll come in very useful for Caption Exhibition. Which isn't why they got it for me. No, really.)

Just feeling tired now. Drifted tired, like my head's sliding sideways. But teh exh1btn s teh r0x0r. Obsoletely.

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