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1-bit pr0n showNvr mind I suppose those of you coming to caption will appreciate it and everyone else at least can get to see some of what's been keeping me busy. I have two day's work to fit into today. Should eb ... ehb. Later.


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31st Jul, 2003 15:01 (UTC)
hey can u give me tha code to get one of these things?
4th Aug, 2003 02:12 (UTC)
Cool exhibition and workshop, I wish I'd stayed to the end. will the results be online to look at sometime soon?

Can you remind me of the name of that Naked friend of yours, the one who was buying you the ginseng beer at the Naked party?
4th Aug, 2003 16:09 (UTC)
my Naked friend
pffft. That would be Andrew.

Sorry I didn't have more time to talk, I was having one of my special hopeless conventions ...

The workshop (and buckets of other stuff from the convention) will slowly filter online over the next few weeks. I'll copy you in on the email alert I'll be sending to the other workshop attendees.

5th Aug, 2003 05:47 (UTC)
Re: my Naked friend
Yeah, I have the computers with the cool KidPix stuff on them, all stashed in my study. They're not going anywhere for a couple of weeks at least, I shouldn't think.
5th Aug, 2003 05:58 (UTC)
Re: my Naked friend
Oooh, lucky, lucky you ....


Seriously, though -- I have all the exhibition bits at my place, so I only need to get at those 2 computers that were running kidpix -- note to self: remember to recover Catbird, also.
6th Aug, 2003 05:41 (UTC)
I adore your arts and comics journal. :D They are so.. I don't know how to explain it, they are just very interesting to me.

Keep them up! =)

6th Aug, 2003 16:28 (UTC)
thank you very much
I also very much enjoy reading your "daily life" something about the art (and the stories) very good to see and read

( http://xepher.net/~jinguj/ )
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