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didn't get very far cartooning tonight

Going to gigs with Siouxie, Page 7Tried. Failed. Got a brief migraine, had to lie down. I hate the days when I only have enough effort to spend on work and nothing over for the evening. Tomorrow maybe I'll get further. In the meantime, check out the next page of Siouxie Shogun.

Note: At Caption I was hoping that when I said I did stripblogs somebody would ask me what they were. Well, here is a perfect perfect one. Go read about Jingu, who has a new graphics tablet I think ;).

What's that you say little quail? Where is my Caption report? Pah-pah-patience. I'm choking here ...


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7th Aug, 2003 04:22 (UTC)
Good old Siouxie. Bound to be the messy room one. Or is it that it looks a little familiar to me?

Jingu cool, too. I don't even manage to write things like that that well, let alone illustrate...
7th Aug, 2003 16:08 (UTC)
I don't think I got it right in any of them
But I'd like to think it was the gin and the butler.

You should come along the next time I do a workshop ... you Ladyfesting at all?
7th Aug, 2003 16:45 (UTC)
Re: I don't think I got it right in any of them
You should come along the next time I do a workshop

it was a thought; in fact thought about sitting in the Caption one, but wasn't around when you started. Lurked around a bit, pretended to take photos, but...

I've no time for another pastime. I really don't. I've had this week off, and to be honest I'm not totally sure how I ever had the time to go to work in the first place...
7th Aug, 2003 05:02 (UTC)
Hope you'll feel better.

Woah, thanks for the link ^^; I didn't think anyone would like my journal, seriously. Thankee.

By the way, mind if I infect your journal with my poisonus comments? ;)

7th Aug, 2003 16:09 (UTC)
Not at all
Be my guest. You are most welcome :)
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