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... about that Caption report

Beware the hairI'm right back at primary school. I'm smiling desperately at the teacher. "You know that report on beans," I'm saying, "Well, I didn't quite get it done."

Will this do instead? Beware the hair.

Panel 2 -- The red hair-dye is actually called "red corvette" and not "cherry bomb". I also don't own any towels as clean as this one.
Panel 4 -- those f***ing fish are why the file is so big (well, that and my own stupidity). Sorry about that.
Panel 5 -- Couldn't remember who said what about my hair, sorry. These people are generic captioneers, so don't bother trying to guess who's who. Was that your super-witty hair critique? Claim it by leaving a comment here!
Panel 7 -- The "Bucky" who is giving me his hanky (bless you kind sir!) is Mark Buckingham, artist on Miracleman, Spiderman, Fable, many more.
Panel 9 -- I'm in the toilets at work; they're very well lit, so that's where I noticed that my brown dye-job was not as secure as I thought it was.


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10th Aug, 2003 21:52 (UTC)
aw... I did exactly that not long ago... exciting ridiculous colours got thoroughly tedious in ten flat. I bet our respective sensible new brunette 'dos match, even. Peek of green and all.
11th Aug, 2003 06:29 (UTC)
I like the colour
but maybe not that much colour
11th Aug, 2003 09:59 (UTC)
Re: I like the colour
Not to the extent of seeming like unto a kingfisher's bum, no.
12th Aug, 2003 05:22 (UTC)
Much as I respect and admire kingfishers ...
11th Aug, 2003 00:11 (UTC)
Who asks for reports on beans? For heavens sake.
11th Aug, 2003 06:28 (UTC)
actually think it was something a little less dull than that
But certainly not the epic tale of being abducted by aliens in hot air balloons that I handed in. Perhaps it was the report on formica? No, I actually wrote that.
11th Aug, 2003 06:43 (UTC)
but I liked the hair.

the kind of thing I ought to do - if I had any. ;-(
13th Aug, 2003 03:56 (UTC)
I liked the hair, too
but mad hair makes for a madder me
13th Aug, 2003 08:53 (UTC)
"Does it still feel nice, even though it's green?"
13th Aug, 2003 16:22 (UTC)
that's one *I* said
... and therefore disqualified from the strip!

LOvely to see you, BTW
15th Aug, 2003 07:41 (UTC)
Re: that's one *I* said
Aye, I know. It was one of the quotes I noted down in my notebook. Along with Carla's "Titcakes for everyone!" (And, later, "I still haven't figured out how to get the titcakes home")
18th Aug, 2003 14:28 (UTC)
I have no name and I must post
1) The hair was truly unusual and a fine addition to the world of the senses. I think it was me who said the thing about macaw genes; macaw genes are a good thing!

2) I have no cool name to post under, do I have to start a Livejournal and spill my guts every other day to get one? my life is dull beyond the wit of human ingenuity to describe in terms anyone would want to read :) (it's Terry by the way)
20th Aug, 2003 17:12 (UTC)
Re: I have no name and I must post
so long as I don't get psitticatus (sp?)

anyway, yes, get a Livejournal. If your life is so dull, you can make all your posts private so we don't have to read about them

and, as far as names go surrealschool, doilyboy and the ever useful terrywiley are all untaken as yet
28th Aug, 2003 15:18 (UTC)
Re: I have no name and I must post
Today I am only 36 million miles away and I can see up your nose!!

I have a name! frabjous joy!

I also have a Wandering Doily!

It is still very primitively put together at the moment, please feel free to make a cup of tea waiting for the full site to load...
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