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... about that Caption report

Beware the hairI'm right back at primary school. I'm smiling desperately at the teacher. "You know that report on beans," I'm saying, "Well, I didn't quite get it done."

Will this do instead? Beware the hair.

Panel 2 -- The red hair-dye is actually called "red corvette" and not "cherry bomb". I also don't own any towels as clean as this one.
Panel 4 -- those f***ing fish are why the file is so big (well, that and my own stupidity). Sorry about that.
Panel 5 -- Couldn't remember who said what about my hair, sorry. These people are generic captioneers, so don't bother trying to guess who's who. Was that your super-witty hair critique? Claim it by leaving a comment here!
Panel 7 -- The "Bucky" who is giving me his hanky (bless you kind sir!) is Mark Buckingham, artist on Miracleman, Spiderman, Fable, many more.
Panel 9 -- I'm in the toilets at work; they're very well lit, so that's where I noticed that my brown dye-job was not as secure as I thought it was.
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