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curing my illness

Cure 1: Pirates of the Caribbean, quite the salty beauty, and such range, trailing influences from Austen adaptations to Iron Maiden covers ... however, as Damian pointed out, no chests! There's Orlando Bloom being dumb and beautiful, an over-mascara-ed Johnny Depp (from his performance, still not over his little crush on Hunter S Thompson), and a cherry-lipped Jack Davenport and does anyone strip off? No, it's dandy highwayman all the way, and damnit, it's not really a pirate movie until someone's stripped down to stripey tights and swung from the rigging. Maybe they're saving it for the sequel. Please let there be a sequel. Quite apart from sorting out any lingering mysteries about Will's Dad there's a whole of seam of Anne Bonny and Mary Read potential to be explored with Liz and Annamaria.

Cure 2: On the recommendation of greengolux I tried a Jaspar fforde which was great for malingering doldrums. It's apparently not science fiction, quite an acheivement for something that reads like somebody crossed five Cheapass Games* with Cold Comfort Farm, and perfect reading for pretentious English Literature graduates with a penchant for reading the New Scientist. You've been warned.

Cure 3: However, the most important thing I did was retrace a route I felt I had been mistaken in taking or had taken wrongly just over two weeks previously, since when, I've not felt entirely right. I retook it on Sunday and found queer pride grafitti, a boat with a confusing name, and a car in an entirely unexpected place. Sorted.

It's too hot to complain about the weather. For some quality ranting about the heat, check out la belle vie de Jonathan Larabie. I recommend 16 July.

*For reasons of simplicity I am counting Chrononauts as a Cheapass Game.


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11th Aug, 2003 10:03 (UTC)
LOL.. good point about Pirates of the CaribbeanQ
11th Aug, 2003 11:06 (UTC)
It was a bit lacking in shirtless Erol Flynn swashbuckling...chalk it up to Disney moral codes. ;-)

With your second recommendation, I'll almost certainly have to check out Fforde now.

12th Aug, 2003 14:22 (UTC)
I think Fforde's great, much fun to read and then to try and identify all the literature references.

We met him at Exeter Microcon and he's a really nice guy, with a very cute dog called Milly.
13th Aug, 2003 04:08 (UTC)
Re: Fforde
Really? What breed? Does it look like a Dodo?
12th Aug, 2003 05:47 (UTC)
Jonathan Larabie
Thanks for the link; really nice, innit? Unfortunately, I have virtually no French left in my heat-shrivelled, senile brain...
13th Aug, 2003 04:07 (UTC)
Re: Jonathan Larabie
Plus his french is rather, er, casual? Colloquial?

The July 16 page I recommended says: "Heatwave again - the cat is less convinced than me of the necessity of putting your head in cold water" And he's saying "calm down, fly" to the cat though whether that's a term of endearment or the cat's name, I don't know ... hehehe

I probably should have included a babelfish link, really ... http://world.altavista.com/ ... though you do then get to see how bad you are at transcribing french, too ...

but his art = very nice indeed
13th Aug, 2003 05:41 (UTC)
Re: Jonathan Larabie
Google 'translations' of German are particularly perplexing! Do wish I'd kept up my languages...
13th Aug, 2003 16:17 (UTC)
Re: Jonathan Larabie
Oh yes. I think my brain decided it needed the space for other stuff.

5th Aug, 2004 08:08 (UTC)
Re: Jonathan Larabie
hey guys
I don't how you managed your way to my site, nut I have to say I'm impressed, and honoured! "fly" is not a term of endearment for a cat, only it's the name of OUR cat, because she (do we say "she" in english also?) spends her time chasing flies on the appartment.
I found your link and comments almost one year after, it's now 5th of august, 2004. The weather remains the same, fuck me...
ANyway thank you again for your kind interest!
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