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I can beleive it (pant)

Walking along the corridoor this morning a huge long-legged spider (looked almost too big to be native) eased itself round a door frame. Going up the stairs, I stepped over a huge bluebottle dead next to the stain from yesterday's tea spillage. Later, in a different corridoor I walk past a strikingly similar spider, this time dead. However, when I go upstairs again, the dead bluebottle has disappeared, but there's one of similarly intimidating size on the ceiling, alive. Looked like. Life and death in the wrong order.

Sanity briefly restored by soaking my hair and sitting by the fan. How much heat do we lose through the head, anyway? According to Google, it's 30%, or possibly 40%, 40-50%, or could be over 50%, up to 70%, 50-80%, or even X%.

The water from the cooler tastes of tin. Or maybe it's my mouth.

Stop what you're doing and play with this interactive kaleidoscope! Or don't, if you prefer. It's colourful.


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13th Aug, 2003 10:51 (UTC)
Greenaway in reverse!

It's a mad mad world! :-)

13th Aug, 2003 15:05 (UTC)
I did stop what I was doing and played with the interactive kaleidoscope. I liked the way they gave instructions for printing and saving the picture. You never know when you'll need to decorate your bedroom with kaleidoscope pictures.
13th Aug, 2003 16:33 (UTC)
I spent a good ten minutes
trying to make Damien Hirst spin paintings.
14th Aug, 2003 00:20 (UTC)
Kaleidoscope doesn't seem to work on Safari. Will try it when I get to work.
14th Aug, 2003 02:34 (UTC)
er, yes ... I think it's a bit of an antique, in web terms
though that does mean it's zappy as all get out on my work machine
14th Aug, 2003 07:00 (UTC)
Re: er, yes ... I think it's a bit of an antique, in web terms
It didn't work on my mac at home either. But it's very cool.
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