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going to gigs with Siouxie, page 8I am a plonker. Those perfectly-sized pages from the workshop, the ones which would fit perfectly on my scanner? About 50mm too wide. So it's going to take me a bit longer to get the workshop online than anticipated, as I'll have to scan them in two chunks and stitch. Grrrrr. Still, at least it's a Siouxie week so not too much of my own work this week. (Speaking of evenings this week, I got the time wrong for Pirates of the Caribbean tomorrow thursday -- 7.50pm, Magdalen Street Odeon.)

I wasn't going to post one of these, but badasstronaut made me such a nice one:


can't remember a
bloody thing about the most
self-effacing cock


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14th Aug, 2003 01:34 (UTC)
What are your plans for the weekend? I still seem to be vaguely negotiating with Camilla about times and things, but I think it's all fairly casual, so up to you.
14th Aug, 2003 03:21 (UTC)
see, I wasn't too sick to go to work
.... and that's a good thing. I'm still careeening back and forth -- should I go up on the Saturday am which means I'll miss Adrian's thing and spend the weekend Ladyfesting with you (you did say it was OK to stay over, right?) or if I do that will I get event fatigue? Should I instead go up on the Sunday like Jenni is and make a day-trip out of it?

( It'd be nice to spend some quiet time with you instead of always shouting round the edges of events ! )
14th Aug, 2003 03:25 (UTC)
trains on the sunday
get in at 9.55, 10.53 + 12.05 -- I'll probably go for the 10.53 one, to give me plenty of time to get over to ?Spike Island.

Assuming I'm doing the day trip, that is.

Trains back are way early (20.51 is the last one) but hopefully I'll be able to blag a lift in jinty's car, so be able to stay a bit later. I won't do that on the way out, though, I'll come by train.
14th Aug, 2003 03:49 (UTC)
I got the time wrong for Pirates of the Caribbean tomorrow...
But is this tomorrow (Friday) or the other tomorrow (today)?

I hope the nausea has faded, by the way.

14th Aug, 2003 04:21 (UTC)
Re: I got the time wrong for Pirates of the Caribbean tomorrow...
nope, nausea still going strong. However, the tomorrow in question is actually now today, so nuasea will just have to be coped with. Grr.

To clarify: thursday evening, magdalen street odeon, 7.50pm.
14th Aug, 2003 04:28 (UTC)
Re: I got the time wrong for Pirates of the Caribbean tomorrow...
Let's hope Orlando Bloom will be able to perform a healing miracle via his manifestation on the silver screen:-)
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14th Aug, 2003 08:51 (UTC)
Nausea still going strong...
Ginger is god for nausea. Try crystallised ginger.

(the doctor is in)
14th Aug, 2003 04:27 (UTC)
Great strip
Really good Siouxie strip this week. How long before she gets the separate book she so richly deserves?
14th Aug, 2003 05:43 (UTC)
Re: Great strip
"The Pillow book of Siouxie Shogun"

... I started writing it last year, but have come up against problems with tone, storytelling, and the elusive character of Siouxie herself. Wrote "Going to gigs with Siouxie" as an attempt to get a bit closer to her (I'm not really in Siouxie's story, I don't think -- or if I am, it's very much the bit player) but it didn't really work. I think I just made the problems denser ....

I'm also having format problems. Trouble is, I think it needs to be LP sized ...
14th Aug, 2003 06:42 (UTC)
Re: Great strip
JD as Siouxie's friend/chronicler was rough at the start but is just right in last two strips. That's why I wanted to say that I thought the time was right for a slightly longer story now.
14th Aug, 2003 05:45 (UTC)
Re: Great strip
and thanks, whoever you are ;)
14th Aug, 2003 07:10 (UTC)
your haiku generator captured my love of caving! Woo!

"i could tell was it
the lack of where my job and
caving so part of"


14th Aug, 2003 07:12 (UTC)
Your latest Sioxie strip
That felt so lonely! Yikes!

14th Aug, 2003 09:20 (UTC)
Re: Your latest Sioxie strip
I'm not lonely, I have beer!
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20th Aug, 2003 04:45 (UTC)
Woah, I like this part... kinda reminds me of a woman that I liked.
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