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of lumpy milk and ladyfest

I go away for three bloody nights and come back to no loo roll and solid milk. It came out in a lump! And landed in my coffee! Plop! Grrr! Not that this is entirely damiancugley's fault, he's just bringing the house necessities (toilet, fridge) into line with its less-crucial parts (carpets, towels) which are in a horrible fucking state and have been since I started seriously working on Caption. Enough already. In recognition of this (and the fact that the house is no longer fit to entertain in) I've taken a day's holiday this week to do housework. The really grim thing is that one day probably isn't enough. Still, as a friend points out, "cleaning up after yourself is part of what it means to be fully human" so I'm going to do my best to get it done.

I was away at my first Ladyfest of the year, and it was a lot of fun. Exhibition as fantastic as promised, Bristol very pleasant, badasstronaut perfect hostess. Spent most of my time hanging out at Spike Island with the comics queens, including (but not limited to!) Mardou, badasstronaut, Lucy Sweet, Heather Honeypears, Kate whose lj user name I can't remember (ah! oh! could it be dansette?), and crunchcandy, of course. Three workshops over two days, we made a comic, six (count 'em!) minicomics and got thoroughly interviewed by various pressfolks. Hope they liked it as much as I did ... evening was off to a place called The Fleece (insert joke about drink prices here) for various ladybands. It was all a bit singer-songwriter for us shallow cartoonist types. (Lucy: We should start a band! Mardou: Yeah! An exciting band! Apparently I get to be on drums.) But things picked up after a small invasion of Actionettes (kick-ass 60s-dressed dancing grrrls) and Drag Kings (so tiny! awww!) pushed the female presence over 50%. Lots of synchronised dancing happened next, and then a properly noisy band with heavy post-ironic tendencies. (Lucy: We should fight the band! Mardou: Yeah! They're skinny! We can take 'em! But I thought the drummer looked like she might be handy in a fight, though.) Oh, and Debra fell asleep in the corner and nearly got thrown out by the (rather overzealous) bouncers, which was funny.

Other things I must do:
  • investigate the possible existence of sherbert lemsip
  • create a cognitive map of britsin
  • look at a lovely picture of a bird.
  • boggle at the muteblog
  • find out more about a rumours of an open garden in Kidlington which contains only ferns.


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18th Aug, 2003 10:23 (UTC)
hehehehe...silly. :-)

18th Aug, 2003 10:26 (UTC)
It came out in a lump! And landed in my coffee! Plop! Grrr!
Could be worse.

I had Emma round to show her how to use the cable modem (while I work in Osney Mead, she works in my house. It's like we're making efficient use of space or something), made her some tea, and the milk went... plop.

The worst thing was that, in what I suspect was a moment of terribly misguided politeness, she made a brief attempt to drink the results. I can see the headlines now - "Green journalist rushed to hospital after poisoning attempt by known reader of The Economist"...
19th Aug, 2003 02:22 (UTC)
.... wait
Emma takes milk in her tea?
19th Aug, 2003 03:13 (UTC)
Re: .... wait
I didn't have soya milk.

Though, as things turned out, I didn't really have cow milk either.
19th Aug, 2003 03:25 (UTC)
Re: .... wait
You had fresh cream cheese.
19th Aug, 2003 03:36 (UTC)
Not sure if that's a typo or not... :-)
19th Aug, 2003 05:00 (UTC)
Re: Britsin?
originally a typo -- kept as a happy accident
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