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virtual car-boot sale

I'm not very ladylike I drew this for Lucy Sweet's workshop at Ladyfest -- and had the somewhat humiliating experience of watching everyone who flipped through the comic later (yes! we made an entire many-paged comic at the workshop!) read a couple panels and give up or skip the strip entirely. Course, it was a bit long + detailed (esp. for A5) but I thought there was probably more wrong with it than that, but I liked some of the pictures down the page so decided to try a rescue job. I suppose I should really have re-drawn it but in the end I just rearranged, obliterating a coupla jokes real life experiences in the process. Ho-hum, they weren't that great anyway. We were writing about being a lady. Oh yeah, I know all about being ladylike (sarcasm).

Nothing else this week because I'm tidying. Slowly but savagely. It's time to winnow. Speaking of which, I have:

Banwagonesque - Teenage Fanclub
Us - Mull Historical Society
Hollow Man - Dan Simmons
Buffy - Welcome to the Hellmouth
The Mask
Thelma and Louise
Certain Fury (female prisoner exploitataion flick)
Caged Heat (ditto)
out of the wires - theboylucas (ambient, experimental)
An inflatable armchair
An old and rather inefficient iron
An old and not very good cordless phone/ansaphone

in the bag on the way to the charity shop. Unless anyone leaps in with a request (all tapes are PAL and I live in the UK).

Also, did I lend anyone a home-tape of The Princess Bride? (There were other things on the tape, but that strikes me as the most probable loan-reason) -- tape 9 is nowhere to be found!

Oh, and (despair) can someone please tell me a good way of destroying clothes moths? They're in the bastard *carpet* ...

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