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virtual car-boot sale

I'm not very ladylike I drew this for Lucy Sweet's workshop at Ladyfest -- and had the somewhat humiliating experience of watching everyone who flipped through the comic later (yes! we made an entire many-paged comic at the workshop!) read a couple panels and give up or skip the strip entirely. Course, it was a bit long + detailed (esp. for A5) but I thought there was probably more wrong with it than that, but I liked some of the pictures down the page so decided to try a rescue job. I suppose I should really have re-drawn it but in the end I just rearranged, obliterating a coupla jokes real life experiences in the process. Ho-hum, they weren't that great anyway. We were writing about being a lady. Oh yeah, I know all about being ladylike (sarcasm).

Nothing else this week because I'm tidying. Slowly but savagely. It's time to winnow. Speaking of which, I have:

Banwagonesque - Teenage Fanclub
Us - Mull Historical Society
Hollow Man - Dan Simmons
Buffy - Welcome to the Hellmouth
The Mask
Thelma and Louise
Certain Fury (female prisoner exploitataion flick)
Caged Heat (ditto)
out of the wires - theboylucas (ambient, experimental)
An inflatable armchair
An old and rather inefficient iron
An old and not very good cordless phone/ansaphone

in the bag on the way to the charity shop. Unless anyone leaps in with a request (all tapes are PAL and I live in the UK).

Also, did I lend anyone a home-tape of The Princess Bride? (There were other things on the tape, but that strikes me as the most probable loan-reason) -- tape 9 is nowhere to be found!

Oh, and (despair) can someone please tell me a good way of destroying clothes moths? They're in the bastard *carpet* ...


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21st Aug, 2003 16:59 (UTC)
ooh - all Teenage Fanclub songs sound the same, but are pleasant nevertheless, and theboylucs, 'cos I'm not one to turn down anything labelled 'ambient' or 'experimental'. So if you could pass them on...?

Anyway. Jenni's driving down this w/e. She wanted to hang on to the fun macs for you to strip of original content, I want them down here... so I'll endeavour to remove the various 'kidpix' drawings and burn them to CD.

PS - what's an iron?
22nd Aug, 2003 02:41 (UTC)
Bugger! Beat me to it on the TFC front!
22nd Aug, 2003 02:50 (UTC)
keep watching
There'll be more. In the meantime, are you sure I can't interest you in some bad prison exploitation flicks?
22nd Aug, 2003 03:24 (UTC)
Re: keep watching
Almost certainly not, but I'll gladly take any Teenage Fanclub off your hands (apart from Grand Prix, Deep Fried Fanclub and 4766 seconds, which I already own).
22nd Aug, 2003 02:47 (UTC)
music's yours
though I don't think I'll be able to get it to Jenni before she goes this eve. Thanks very much in advance for getting back the kidpix pictures. I meant to get round to doing it, but ...

You use irons to fix fabric paints and t-shirt transfers.
22nd Aug, 2003 00:08 (UTC)
Hello, I've added you and is it too late to ask for the Buffy video? I'll send stamps!
22nd Aug, 2003 02:48 (UTC)
Buffy video's yours
email me your address and I'll send you it.
22nd Aug, 2003 01:17 (UTC)
I want the inflatable armchair! I have fond memories of that sofa Alex used to have :) Can I collect after the weekend (say Monday evening before Alex DJ's) by which time I will hopefully have cleared a space in my living room for it?
22nd Aug, 2003 02:49 (UTC)
oh, that sofa ....
Okeydoke, all yours. Should amuse Cassie, anyway!
22nd Aug, 2003 05:22 (UTC)
Neat Strip...
I get all those comments, too. God knows, the nuns/ my mum tried hard enuff to beat 'ladylike' into me, but thank God they failed.
23rd Aug, 2003 02:24 (UTC)
Newnes Tit-Bits Book of Wrinkles
Moths. Every Moth that is seen should be killed to prevent any more eggs being laid, and, when storing clothes, naphthalene or camphor should be used freely amongst the folds. If these strong-smelling substances are used on clothes, moths will not lay their eggs.
Unfortunately, if the eggs have been laid, none of these preventatives will stop them being hatched out, so it is wise, before storing clothes, to destroy any eggs there may be.
If the material is such that it cannot be damaged by water, put a wet cloth over it, and press with a hot iron.
If water cannot be used, treat with formalin, or dry clean with benzoline. The latter must be used with the greatest of care, for it is highly inflammable.
If you are storing furs for the summer, it is more than worth while to buy a special moth-proof bag to keep them in this.
After removing all dirt from cupboards and drawers, sprinkle a little turpentine or eucalyptus oil on a rag and rub well into the corners.   This will help keep the moths away.

26th Aug, 2003 03:14 (UTC)
oooh phone?
If you've been reading my blog you might have noticed I've killed off my cordless phone -but is yours that bad?Since I've already got an offer of a cordless BT one...
27th Aug, 2003 02:34 (UTC)
Re: oooh phone?
er, um. It's very, very old. A white plastic 90s dinosaur. But yours if you want!
28th Aug, 2003 14:22 (UTC)
ooo oo ooo!
*raises hand* cn' I have "Hairspray" a a a ?
I am invited to a video binge, and the organisers are threatening to make the theme 'musicals' - that would be the ideal item to fend off the potential horrors of South Pacific or On The Town...

btw, is it ladylike to like ladies? what sort of ladies do ladylike ladies like?
31st Aug, 2003 13:13 (UTC)
Re: ooo oo ooo!
hairspray coming your way.

Course it's ladylike to like ladies if the ladies don't mind you liking them. As to what sort of ladies, well that's a matter of personal choice. Some ladylike ladies like other ladylike types, while others might like to mix it up with a bit of rough. You never can tell.
13th Sep, 2003 03:11 (UTC)
I owe you budo
Hairspray arrived! Aaaah jiarami-san, now I am in budo debt*

*Budo can be exchanged for:
1) first born children [ ]
2) interesting or perverse toys [ ]

[check one only] ;-)
13th Sep, 2003 03:45 (UTC)
Re: I owe you budo
1) first born children [ ]
2) interesting or perverse toys [X]

(I am not prepared to wait for you to have children, nor would I know what to do with them did they arrive.)

sorry it took awhile.

(bow, bow)
4th Sep, 2003 04:42 (UTC)
haha, funny and it has cake in it as well. Nice one
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