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performance on New Inn Hall Street

Walking along a street behind a gaggle of small pink girls being herded by a two generation couple of women with frosted hair and jeans, admiring their flashing trainers and the unselfconscious way they pointed out a surprisingly well-dressed drunk, when they hit (walking in the other direction) a tall man with white hair, an expensive grey suit, and a shirt and tie in that shade of pink that hovers awkwardly between FT and Barbie, and broke round him while he slipped between them, hands spread for balance as he danced through the tide of tiny pinkness.

The 118 188 running guys were in Oxford City Centre the other day, but this was better.

(and, speaking of Barbie, ken dolls sure aren't what they used to be)


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27th Aug, 2003 06:35 (UTC)
Why did they pick the name Ken anyway? It's a joke of a name. In NZ there's a well known local sister act called the Topp Twins - a folk singing comedy duo. Two of their famous characters are called the two Kens - two crusty old traditional NZ sheep farmers.

27th Aug, 2003 07:53 (UTC)
"Camp Mother (everyone's favourite aunt) and gormless put-upon Camp Leader, who together run Happy Valley Camping Ground for an evening of camp games and crowd participation"

... my cultural boundaries are expanded ...
27th Aug, 2003 08:18 (UTC)
Re: blimey
Camp Mother will be me at the comics weekend.
Seriously though, it's a traditional NZ stereotype. Believe it.... or not.
27th Aug, 2003 07:55 (UTC)
and, to be honest,
I'm not sure that Bryant™ , Hudson™, River™, Sutton™ and Ellis™ are really an improvement.

They sound more like names for pedigree dogs.
27th Aug, 2003 08:22 (UTC)
Re: and, to be honest,
Sutton? And he's from London. Good grief.
27th Aug, 2003 16:23 (UTC)
Re: and, to be honest,
Not *Sutton Caulfield* ?

... he's probably from Swindon or something and just claims he's from London to impress all the other My Scene boys Barbie.
27th Aug, 2003 07:55 (UTC)
Look at them go! Aren't they super!
They were the 118-118 guys; though why I don't know why given the new directory enquiries number is 118 500. Even in the first advert they say

"...lots of new numbers starting 118"

"Ah but do they all end in 118?"
"No, 118, only we do!"

But you'd miss all this hilarity with a Tivo.
27th Aug, 2003 16:55 (UTC)
Re: Look at them go! Aren't they super!
Capitalism requires that there be a multitude of competing directory-enquiry services. That this is massively inconvenient to the person wanting to find a phone number is of no import.

118118 (run by someone with shares in running shorts) is a compeditor to 118500 (which is run by BT). There are others like 118811 and suchlike, who only bother advertising to the top people who use the Tube.
28th Aug, 2003 02:20 (UTC)
Re: Look at them go! Aren't they super!
I assumed BT was doing the 118-118 advert at Oftel's behest, not allowed to overtly promote the 118500 number as part of the announcement of deregulation, so was being deliberately confusing with the 118-118 business.
27th Aug, 2003 08:44 (UTC)
Ugly Dolls
'Hudson''s hair looks like mine on a grim ill-favoured morning...I wonder if they give them 'manhoods' nowadays?
27th Aug, 2003 09:46 (UTC)
Re: Ugly Dolls
Nope. If you want that you either have to buy the big gay dolls (I forget their name) or get sculpting ...
27th Aug, 2003 13:08 (UTC)
those nasty gay dolls
the blonde ugly retarded-looking ones? (sorry that wasn't very PC was it -what's the new mealy-mouthed phrase I'm supposed to use?) They're called Billy-dolls. Can't remember what his sightly cuter hispanic friend with the goatee is called -it'll come to me in a minute.
27th Aug, 2003 16:20 (UTC)
Re: those nasty gay dolls
thanks. I originally tried looking them up on Google ... but "gay male doll" isn't really a very useful search term. Not for finding Billy Dolls, anyway.
28th Aug, 2003 04:23 (UTC)
Re: those nasty gay dolls
Carlo is the hispanic one - curiously I was doing a google image search for 'lesbian shirt'(pondering why Troubled Diva)and a site with the billy dolls turned up.
27th Aug, 2003 13:12 (UTC)
those nasty gay dolls
and as for Sutton -the sensitive artistic type? Oh yes? That's just got to be code -wonder which one of the other My scene guys he'll be going out with?
27th Aug, 2003 16:18 (UTC)
my bet
toss-up between Ellis and River. (They have the same head-mould, so it's all much of a muchness.)
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