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getting rid of moths the natural way

Well, the bad news is that my little problem at work isn't resolving. Mr Boom has now had a worm pulled and his hole patched three times -- and been reinfected three times, the third time within seconds of my putting the phone down on IT support. In the meantime, I'm not getting the report I need finished for next week done. But I am getting stress-related eczma.

The good news is that thanks to trained aromatherapist dotty I know have a little brown bottle full of something that smells lovely to me, but which (apparently) will persuade the moths to move into my neighbour's house. Those I don't kill for their careless fluttering. Ah, death smells sweet.

Feeling insufficiently traumatised, I went to the UPP to see Dark Water, which finished the job nicely. (It was more than just) take equal parts Fascination and Don't Look Now, put them in a nasty tower block, and add water. Bad water. Like in Ring, the problem is the ghosts that are soggy, smeary, sticky. That cling. Also like Ring, it has a sensible domestic message: fix drips before they get serious.

Going to Gigs with Siouxie, Page 9... oh, and that's it for Going to Gigs with Siouxie. Siouxie Shogun will return ...


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28th Aug, 2003 02:16 (UTC)
What worm? I made a CD with everything needed for MS-Blaster and it sorted my dad out fine without the need to connect to a network while doing it.

28th Aug, 2003 02:37 (UTC)
Yeah, well, unfortunately we're not talking sorting out one PC belonging to somebody's Dad here. I think they're actually trying to /avoid/ having to do a walk-through.

We're also not talking MS-Blaster. Or Sobig, for that matter. Never underestimate the little guys.
28th Aug, 2003 03:30 (UTC)
Our IT sweeties are pulling their hair out here trying to work out what's patched and where there might still be infection.
28th Aug, 2003 09:16 (UTC)
IT Sweeties
... now, there would be a calendar worth buying. Put it right next to the Nudie WI calendar ;P
28th Aug, 2003 11:40 (UTC)
Re: IT Sweeties
Let's make it!
31st Aug, 2003 13:07 (UTC)
Great idea!
... I'll put out a general request in my journal, but claim it's all your idea.
31st Aug, 2003 14:33 (UTC)
I'm trying to decide whether that's actually a good thing to claim the credit for. I suspect it might cast dubious shadows upon my character. On the other hand, who knows what intriguing things one might amongst dubious shadows.
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