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is it something in the air?

Gods, what a weekend it's been (generally a bad sign, when you're writing that on a Thursday). Half the people on my friends list seem to be throwing fits, deleting journals left, right and centre, and making major, life-changing decisions. And, on top of that, the wordoftheday (dropandgiveme50) is "equipoise". What am I supposed to write about "equipoise"? Something about dolphins?

Listen, I like reading all your journals (yes, you too, monkeyhands). You wouldn't be on my friend's list otherwise. I don't comment so much, but what's the point if I have nothing useful to add?

In other news, how the hell can (period) pain so severe it wakes me up be normal, and can I expect this every month from now on?


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28th Aug, 2003 07:55 (UTC)
how the hell can (period) pain so severe it wakes me up be normal, and can I expect this every month from now on?

Its not normal. One offs happen, thats just how life sucks. Ibuprofen is for one offs, anything else requires dealing with one of those female doctors who ask you if you have the 'normal 3 day period' and clearly never experience pain. Sorry, its a bummer, but there you go. Hope you're feeling better soon.
28th Aug, 2003 09:14 (UTC)
last month's was the one-off
... what I'm worried about is two months making a pattern.
28th Aug, 2003 09:41 (UTC)
Re: last month's was the one-off
Nah, it ain't normal. Mind you, I never had period pains, either...Really think it should be dealt with, though. Why suffer? (with stuff you don't have to endure-)
28th Aug, 2003 10:42 (UTC)
There's no harm in getting checked out. I had a reasonably good experience with it.. my doctor referred me to the place up at the JR, and they did a few scans and tests, and it was kind of fun to see my ovaries on their little TV screen.

The impression they gave me is that it doesn't take a lot to throw female hormones completely out of whack for a while, but they have plenty of little pills on offer to help re-balance everything. Hormones are hormones, though.. I ended up with less pain and more PMT.

I really should have tried to get "equipoise" in there. Lovely word :-)
28th Aug, 2003 23:46 (UTC)
Re: last month's was the one-off
Teachnically, you need at least three months for it to be 'a pattern'. It could be due to a whole load of things, one of them being just bad luck. Try not to worry too much about it, and lets hope it doesn't resurface next month.
28th Aug, 2003 14:45 (UTC)
Ibuprofen is for one offs

If it looks like more than a one off then Ibuprofen can still help. It works best if you take it regularly, three times a day for several days, and build up the levels in your body. In the case of period pain it's best to start taking it a few days before your period's due (if you know these things) so that it's working at its peak when the pain hits.

But if even regular doses of Ibuprofen aren't helping much then your doctor should be able to prescribe some more powerful stuff. I've got something called Mefenemic acid, which is in the same drug family as Ibuprofen, and the same advice on how to take it applies: start taking them regularly several days before you think your period's due.
28th Aug, 2003 08:13 (UTC)
What am I supposed to write about "equipoise"?

You'll think of something brilliant, as usual. :-)
28th Aug, 2003 09:15 (UTC)
aw, shucks ma'am
28th Aug, 2003 11:54 (UTC)
Agreed :) I aim to dive back into ye olde daily challenge, one of these days ... but I always read, because I always want to see what the two of you have come up with :)
(Deleted comment)
28th Aug, 2003 09:10 (UTC)
maybe a little bit, yes
-- but don't worry about it. Decisions need to be made, I know that -- it's just strange that everyone seems to be at it at once!

Don't worry, you aren't pestering me.

that anti-moth mix smells lovely, by the way.
28th Aug, 2003 08:42 (UTC)
i'm trying to think of life changing things to do but not really feeling equipoised to do it...I have no idea what that word means but am too lazy to find out...to think I have an English degree...
28th Aug, 2003 09:11 (UTC)
you guessed "balanced"
... which is entirely reasonable.

You may have an English degree, but the words of the day are in esoteric american!
28th Aug, 2003 10:44 (UTC)
And I assumed it meant standing about looking ready for action, in the manner of a horse. Maybe I misread it as equinposed.
28th Aug, 2003 12:14 (UTC)
Re: Equipoised
looking ready for action, in the manner of a horse...
What a cool, useful newish word! Must use...
9th Sep, 2003 09:12 (UTC)
Different word of the day...
You asked if the OED had a word of the day. They do, but a really obscure one today (though at first glance familiar...)

9th Sep, 2003 09:16 (UTC)
And also...
...they have plenty of examples for Ephemeron:

1. An insect, which, in its winged state, lives but for a day. Cf. EPHEMERA2.

1626 BACON Sylva (1677) §697 There are certain Flies that are called Ephemera that live but a day. 1710 HEARNE Collect. (Oxf. Hist. Soc.) III. 30 The Ephemeron, a Fly that lives but five Hours. 1845 R. CHAMBERS Vest. Creat., Hypoth. Devel., An ephemeron, hovering over a pool for its one April day of life. 1884 G. F. BRAITHWAITE Salmonidæ Westmorld. vi. 26 The most beautiful species of our ephemera, the green and grey drakes, must not be forgotten.

2. fig. A short-lived person, institution, or production.

1771 Bachelor (1773) I. No. 38. 254 Unnotic'd, dull invective lyes, A mere Ephemeron it dyes, Or but provokes a jest. 1787 BECKFORD Italy (1834) II. 78 All the human ephemera of Lisbon. 1796 MORSE Amer. Geog. II. 371 This political ephemeron [constitution formed by the National Assembly in 1791]. 1837 H. MARTINEAU Soc. Amer. III. 208 Every ephemeron of a tale-writer, a dramatist, etc. 1859 FAIRHOLT Tobacco (1876) 61 Samuel Rowlands, a prolific writer of ephemera. 1878 MORLEY Carlyle 173 A cloud of sedulous ephemera still suck a little spiritual moisture.

3. A plant described by ancient writers. Obs.
Some ancient authors distinguish two plants called ephemeron: one so named because springing up and dying in one day, the other as being a poison that causes death within a day.

1578 LYTE Dodoens II. xlv. 204 If it be Ephemeron as it seemeth to be, then it is good for the teeth. 1616 HAYWARD Sanct. Troub. Soul II. (1620) To Rdr. 9 Many writings are like the plant Ephemeron; which springeth, flourisheth, and fadeth in one day. 1661 LOVELL Hist. Anim. & Min. 35 It [goat's milk] helps against the ephemeron or cantharides [mistranslates contra cantharidas et contra ephemeri potum Plin. N.H. XXVIII. xlv].

4. attrib.

a1735 DERHAM (J.), Swammerdam observes of the ephemeron-worms, that their food is clay. 1751 CHAMBERS Cycl. Travellers into Arabia tell us of several ephemeron-trees. a1791 WESLEY Serm. Wks. 1811 IX. 115 An Ephemeron Fly lives six hours. 1796 D'ISRAELI Lit. Recreat. 115 Several singular coincidencies alone gave the ephemeron critic his temporary existence. 1802 PALEY Nat. Theol. xxiii. (1826) 345 An ephemeron fly [produces] a cod-bait maggot.
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