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My Wonderful Life (with added Ladyfest)There's a workshop I run called "My Wonderful Life" -- more successful with adults than children (though teenagers quite like it) -- where I force people to concentrate on the positive aspects of their life and make it into a comic. As workshop leader, I need to participate during the build-up (when I'm getting people to do their warming-up exercises and come up with ideas) but by the time it gets onto the actual drawing I'm too busy plate-spinning to finish my strip. Every time, I say I'll finish it later. Every time, I just don't.

Bwahaha! The power of the comics tea party triumphs! Here is My Wonderful Life (with added Ladyfest) as drawn last week at tinyjo's, starring green tea, my graphics tablet and Bristol's own bad-ass, badasstronaut.

Oh -- couple of plugs. UK-based cartoonists, we're currently trying to organise a Winter Comics Retreat -- probably near Stroud. (Basically, going off to a big house in the middle of nowhere, eating nice food, making comics, getting drunk and going on the occasional walk to remind yourself there's an outside world.) If you want to be involved, the time to get in touch is NOW because badasstronaut needs to get organising. The original post describing it is here.

Everyone else (though possibly also of most interest to cartoonists) the Picky Picky Game needs new plot development. Someone give us a hand?


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4th Sep, 2003 03:54 (UTC)
Gosh, you made me look all flirty or something...

I love the way you did that multicoloured shirt - it should be like a mood shirt which changes colour to reflect mood.

And I'm not sure I agree there can be too many t-shirts.
4th Sep, 2003 04:24 (UTC)
yes, sorry about that ...
I *did* consider redrawing but I made the mistake of thinking I'd innocent it up in the inking.

I made it worse in the inking.

What can I say? My pens are lewd ...

(bad pronographer! bad pronographer!)
4th Sep, 2003 04:30 (UTC)
Re: yes, sorry about that ...
Oh, gosh - don't apologise - I'd love to be more like that.
4th Sep, 2003 13:04 (UTC)
Re: yes, sorry about that ...
Can I steal it for a user icon?
5th Sep, 2003 02:20 (UTC)
Re: yes, sorry about that ...
Of course! It's always OK to do that if I've drawn you :)
5th Sep, 2003 03:18 (UTC)
Re: yes, sorry about that ...
5th Sep, 2003 09:27 (UTC)
Re: yes, sorry about that ...
eeeee! :D
4th Sep, 2003 04:23 (UTC)
What a great idea. And a fabulous comic. I hope you get to see American Splendor when it comes your way.
4th Sep, 2003 08:16 (UTC)
Cool new icon too!
Seeing the strip in b&w versus seeing it in colour -- v much like the colour, babe.
4th Sep, 2003 10:07 (UTC)
Re: Cool new icon too!
you've also got the order -- which for a sequential one like this matters a lot ...
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