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cheekie chappie (Ladyfest Sunday)

Ladyfest with jinty and badasstronaut went occasionally a bit crazy like when we fetched up wandering out of the house and looking for an open caff at 9am on a Sunday morning. Still, it was sunny, and I found a service station where I got Irn Bru and a very non-vegan sandwich, so I was happy -- and jinty got to chat to an old man!

On the second food foray I found graffiti, cranes and signs for the PMS Security company (snigger). Pretty area, if you like that sort of thing (I do). The sky was very blue, the buildings had the usual weird charm of an area in gentrification; stencils, murals, odd artworks, shiny bits.

Back at the centre,the drag king workshop was delayed, so I went and started the attack on the art wall and accidentally drew a giant! drag king before realising someone else might want some space. Ho-hum, he got improved later, so I guess he wasn't too much of an intrusion ...

The Drag King workshop got under way with help from one of the German drag Boy Band-ers, Tom-Cat from Bridport (who knew such things happened there?) and the very welcome Yas (former finalist in the Drag catergory of Ms Lesbian UK!). Had a good time chatting to Yas and her partner about stuff; less fun with the little baby-non/dykes going on abut finding dressing up as a man liberating. In my own persona (there was that little frisson as I introduced myself as "Jeremy" -- but another person in the group was "Frank", so...) I can swagger, fight, get riotous drunk and make inappropriate passes -- this is not stuff that you have to dress up as a boy to do. Plus, I don't much like it when guys act like this, so why should I?

Fortunately it all went more glam/actorly, less deep/empowering with the arrival of the Rubens sisters, who effortlessly morphed into a lost Marx Brother and Kevin Smith without even tying their tits down with cling film. Daftness ensued. I fetched up in a plaid shirt and a goatee looking babybear gay -- appropriate enough, surrounded by girls dressed as frat boys and petite thugs, but my good sense prevailed and I managed to de-bloke before I ended up in front of a camera. Just as well, it looked more disturbing than nice.

Left my "cheekie chappie thing" behind to sneak into the back of the self-publishing panel, where I finally got to see Red (of finger_bang distro) as in, "you must meet Red," but my natural impatience with panels and too much Irn Bru meant I left early and didn't get to talk to her. So I still must meet Red. If I ever stop being so bloody standoffish.

Snuck off for films and poetry, reckoning it would be peaceful (which it was -- an exotic snake-dance and a lovely Canadian poet) before staggering out to play "you'd really like" with honeypears and her mates. Unfortunately, I took no notes. If anyone can remember the name of that outsider artist who wears her felt-tips slung like bandilleros and draws huge felt-tip nudes of people in natural settings, do let me know, eh? I also had a GOOD IDEA at that moment, though I'll want to give it a week's settle before I think whether to pursue it.

Linus was the last of the day, and good as ever; Tammy happy over snarling guitars, bangy beat, happy-sad songs. I put on lipstick in the dark at the back of the room, drinking beer, watching people dance, richocheting between genders.

And then we had to run for our train. Would have had to run for our train if it hadn't been 50 minutes late.

(The journey home was an ugly reminder of how many gruesome noisy shouting stinking drunk fuckwits there are out there waiting to invade your personal space and distract you when you ought to be doing useful things like snacking on zabaglione and reading Earthquake Weather by Tim Powers.)


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10th Sep, 2003 07:08 (UTC)
The name of that artist was Texta, and her website was something like textanudes.com or whatever. I was going to put it in my write up yesterday but that was at work and I didn't want to look at the site if it's not worksafe (which I still haven't checked, ho hum).

Mood: need a holiday, eh? lucky you're not far off one... my few days away will be nice but I'm not sure how holoiday-ish/relaxing they may be.
10th Sep, 2003 07:12 (UTC)
She wore her felt-tips like bandilleros
Hi Jeremy! The name of the artist in question is Texta: she does a tiny travel zine called 'Texta's travels'. I was told her main website was textanudes.com but am getting no joy with that so I'll check with Coral (the Canadian girl) and get back to ya. However I did find an interview with Texta here: http://www.gusset.net/clickmylit/arlene/
10th Sep, 2003 07:43 (UTC)
Re: She wore her felt-tips like bandilleros
hey thanks for this and the other link, both very nice.

Her costume is fantastic!
10th Sep, 2003 07:17 (UTC)
Texta's website
Sorry for repeating what Jinty said, I didn't notice her post - a bit new to this y'see. I have now found Texta's site by searching under 'TextaQueen' - it is here: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Hall/8679/main.html
10th Sep, 2003 09:06 (UTC)
runs with tangents
I love whatever books by Tim Powers have thus far made their way into my hands --- no names --- but you've just reminded me (of so many things but) mainly to look for some more at the used shops round here..
10th Sep, 2003 09:54 (UTC)
Re: runs with tangents
Earthquake Weather is one of the Fisher King stories -- with Last Call and Expiration Date, which are both also amazing. It's an amazing book. I did say that, didn't I?

Though I think Declare's my favourite.
10th Sep, 2003 12:28 (UTC)
Re: runs with tangents
I think it was implied that the book is amazing :) I think ... I may have read Expiration Date, the title sticks in my brain and bounces back adn forth, gently vibrating, a bit.

Must look for more of his stuff.

Also, am always pleased to find a little bit of Russell Hoban now and again, which the lovely phlebas started me out on --- he sent me Kleinzeit via post --- and I have loved it e'er since.
10th Sep, 2003 13:02 (UTC)
i know it's been said before but: arlene the texta queen! I tried to track her down for Ladyfest but didn't have much luck...
13th Sep, 2003 03:39 (UTC)
what, she does children's parties
... but not Ladyfests?

Actually, I think the website we're all looking at is kind of old. She's probably moved on some since ...
11th Sep, 2003 10:19 (UTC)
Would you be up for sending Red a sample pack of your minicomics to see if she wants to distro them? I feel sure they're exactly what she's looking for comixwise. Can send you her address - oh no wait, she's moving house any minute. Hold that thought...
13th Sep, 2003 03:41 (UTC)
let me know when you have an address
... I tried to turn her up online with the thought of doing just that, but none of her listed web addresses are woking any more.

Remember to tell me, OK?
14th Sep, 2003 01:50 (UTC)
Re: let me know when you have an address
This online address is definitely still working cos I've just looked at it:

14th Sep, 2003 17:14 (UTC)
hm, might have been a firewall issue
that that address wasn't working for me from work that day
14th Sep, 2003 02:53 (UTC)
Re: let me know when you have an address
I've emailed you her email...
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