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happy holidays

My holiday so far: sleeping (complex, but derivative dreams), Belleville Rendezvous (wheel-spinning, harmonizing, train-barking frog-chomping fun!), bridge of light and bad corner sandwiches (maybe it was art?), all-female Taming of the Shrew (dirty and sweet, with excellent beards), construction work at the Tate (shimmery shiny panels and abseiling artists), Andy's 40th birthday party (streamers, gin), shopping for sausages (we were restrained and only bought six), Jo's barbecue (sunshine, grapes, surreal kitten), lazy walks (river, dragonflies, waterlillies and parched trees, sunflowers, brown grass and golden leaves), Spirited Away (beautiful magic wistful with a chorus of what's-happening-now) from the kids behind us) and, hm, I think more sleeping.

Shoot-out at used-to-be-hushThis week's strip is the true story of my last lunch out with my co-workers, at a bar which used to be called "Hush" but after someone complained their brand was being infringed, renamed itself to "Izi". Hence the title. There are some fantasy elements.


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15th Sep, 2003 00:23 (UTC)
Okay - I guess those kinds of work lunches are things we all have to sit through. Does anyone actually enjoy them? How long does the holiday last, btw?
15th Sep, 2003 01:23 (UTC)
I enjoy those work lunches.
Not so much when the conversation goes like that, to be fair. But then my coworkers are geekier than most, so it happens less often.
17th Sep, 2003 03:15 (UTC)
I just get bored very easily
I've been sort of on holiday for a week, but as of tomorrow I'm totally on holiday (in fact, I think I'm even out of mobile phone reception) until Tue. HUrraH!
18th Sep, 2003 09:42 (UTC)
Re: I just get bored very easily
Well, I hope you've had an excellent and relaxing time. I was walking along today thinking about the IT Sweeties calendar. I think the caption underneath should be a series of stuff they know/do like e.g. SQL CSS XML blah blah blah - you probably know more of those words than I do. Or at any rate, Damian would.
15th Sep, 2003 05:06 (UTC)
I still have the surreal ktten photos on my phone, but there seems to be a bug whereby I can only e-mail the most recently taken photo (in such a way that the return address is my phone number); mailing a STORED photo requires a formal e-mail setup I'm still puzzling over, since I'm not sure my phone supports authenticated SMTP. And the IR transfer between phone and palmtop doesn't work properly and there's no IR port on the laptop.

I appear to have set a picture of kitten, Lyndsey and Oliver as my phone's wallpaper while trying to work out host to transfer it.

I suppose it might be an interesting exercise to write a remailer on my laptop that would act as an SMTP-> authenticated SMTP relay for my phone but would be breaching BT and OneAndOne terms of service in the progress, even I honeypotted any mail not sent from earthprime.org.
15th Sep, 2003 06:52 (UTC)
Got the mail working now: found my old Totalserve 0845 dial-in account was still working (the one I got purely on the strngth of their strange "I am a woman. Thankyou Totalserve!" advert) and acccessible from my phone, which does in fact handle SMTP with a password.

15th Sep, 2003 08:33 (UTC)
Sorry about the spelling
17th Sep, 2003 03:18 (UTC)
so, show us!
or the kitten remains merely a drunken, fleeting memory

(what, there was a kitten at the barbecue? Naaaah.)
17th Sep, 2003 07:41 (UTC)
Re: so, show us!
I mailed it to my home address, but then accessed it over webmail from work and synced it to my palmtop: have now deleted them from my home address and have not yet synced my plamtop with my home laptop. Tonight, probably.

They won't get a whole lot less blurry in your mind when you see them though.
18th Sep, 2003 08:25 (UTC)
Re: so, show us!
Done now.
15th Sep, 2003 17:08 (UTC)
Two comments
1. Spirited Away is better on the big screen, isn't it?

2. So, whenever your co-workers take you to Izi again, you should act all edgy, insist on the seat with your back to a wall, and keep your eyes on the doors...


17th Sep, 2003 03:11 (UTC)
Re: no. 2
I do that at work lunches anyway.
18th Sep, 2003 14:00 (UTC)
by the Great Radish...
I went and saw Spirited Away and all I got was this lousy No-Face ;-)

Giant Duck Spirits! Floating Mask Spirits! Mystery lumbering blob spirits! What else could a chap desire?

I avoided the juve units by going at 9pm...
24th Sep, 2003 03:20 (UTC)
Re: by the Great Radish...
aw! so cute!

I think I'll take him home. He can do the washing up and mending like a good little lost demon.
3rd Oct, 2003 00:03 (UTC)
I really like this one.
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