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back I guess, more or less

Flying to Glasgow beats the hell out of the sleeper. It was maybe even a little bit cheaper. Oh I've just been off to the Isle of Mull, it's scenic and wee, full of sheep and dull ... oh, that's unfair. It's true that the Sound of Mull is a different colour every time you look at it, which is a neat trick, and the rocks are great, and there's a fabulous decayed Victorian country estate (which had been improved by some rather surreal transparent signs since I was last there), but I could feel my potential fun quotient contracting daily. What's there to do? Look at the mountain, look at the sea, get drunk, watch TV.

Or, in our case, play endless semi-cooperative games of scrabble and Mah-jongg, fiddle with slide-shows on Damian's i-book (more on this later), and walk. Well, walk the dogs, to be accurate. Boy, did we walk the dogs. Walk walk walk.

Bah. Onto important news! Christian Bale is to be the next Batman! Oh-ho! I supposes someone saw him in Equilibrium and thought, nice, but what he really needs is full-body latex ...

And a quick scout of my friend's list reveals that I write realistic sex scenes (oh yeah give me realistic detail baby), that my mood ring is currently showing "worn out" (fair enough) and that I'm almost certainly male (hey!), among other more personal news. Allow me to offer my congratulations/commiserations/surprise/pleasure/amusement/shock as appropriate. You know who you are.

Yeah, back.


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26th Sep, 2003 03:03 (UTC)
but, but Christian Bale -as much as I've liked him in his other films has such a silly teeny-tiny nose and a pointy chin. Hows that going to look in a cowl? As far as I'm concerned the first priority for anyone to play Batman is that they've got to have a massive Bob Kane style big chin, or it's no go. George Clooney had the best chin so far but then he was the worst Batman (certainly the worst Bruce Wayne.)
26th Sep, 2003 04:44 (UTC)
Re: batman
agreed on the chin ... I think he'd make a far better Robin, pert and rosy-cheeked as he is. The chin was presumably why they picked Val Kilmer (my favourite Batman, very creepy). It is very *fun* looking at Christian Bale pretending to be tough, though. Equilibrium is a scream.

I found Clooney's Batman pretty much unwatchable, even given that the Batman films are the closest the film industry has to pantomime. Of course, Uma Bloody Thurman wasn't helping.
26th Sep, 2003 05:53 (UTC)
Re: batman
I don't think I can ever forgive her for trying to take on the role of Mrs Peel. Purdey maybe but Mrs. Peel -no. I liked Kilmer too.
26th Sep, 2003 06:00 (UTC)
Re: batman
I don't think I could ever forgive her that *hair* she had when she was being Mrs Peel ... other scathing comments to numerous to add can be assumed.

Uma Thurman's not even fit to be Purdey. Joanna Lumley can't act, but at least she can't act in an *interesting* way. And she *always* has perfect hair -- except when it's funnier not to.

Hmm, no, there is no such website as isshewearingawigornot.com . Pity.
26th Sep, 2003 07:31 (UTC)
Re: Batman
Whoever thought it was a good idea casting in a role that demands under-playing to the point of ice-coolness someone whose every instinct is to over-play deserves shooting. (No doubt it was the same person who thought it was a good idea to cast principals of much the same age, and to show how Steed and Mrs Peel first met ...
26th Sep, 2003 08:20 (UTC)
Re: Batman
Have you seen the Jerry Cornelius film? While The Avengers movie doesn't quite capture the spirit of the TV series, it's surprisingly faithful to The Final Solution, bad acting, bad hair, bad plot and all. Uma Thurman is more dressed as Una Persson than Mrs Peel -- though *why* is anyone's guess.
26th Sep, 2003 10:03 (UTC)
Ooooh ooh oooh - I only saw it the once or maybe the twice and I know it was bad in that 60s pyschedlic drug-addled surrealistic style which was very popular in those days -but I liked Jerry -the movie. But then I'm a total sucker for all that cult 60s stuff (-blame my upbringing). It's one of those that they never ever repeat though. Which is annoying. You're right though about how similiar it is, but how much of that is down to them sharing the same influences?
27th Sep, 2003 17:23 (UTC)
what do you do with a problem like Una Thurman
It's hard to think what to do with Uma Thurman; Mrs. Peel she ain't (Ms. Rigg brought an unflappable insouciance to the role, whereas Ms. Thurman mostly just looks like a bored cat). Although I concede she does have plenty to do in the upcoming 'Kill Bill', which looks rather yummy in a stuff-we've-all-seen- before-served-up-in-a-new way sort of manner.
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