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( 19 worms — Feed the birds )
28th Sep, 2003 06:48 (UTC)
brilliant! absolutely brilliant!! :-)
29th Sep, 2003 08:21 (UTC)
28th Sep, 2003 06:50 (UTC)
the brazier clinches it. great stuff...
29th Sep, 2003 08:20 (UTC)
pining for the picket lines?
we keep our braziers on permenant standby round here ;)
28th Sep, 2003 06:56 (UTC)
29th Sep, 2003 08:19 (UTC)
I think they got their catnip
as the strike's over now.

28th Sep, 2003 08:44 (UTC)
Yes, the brazier... Love those tufty ears, too.
Wotan approves.
29th Sep, 2003 08:17 (UTC)
tufty ears
Not accurate at all, of course. Wildcats just look like big and rather brownish tabbies. But I wanted to make them look different (wild) so they got tufty ears and tails, just like the lynx that has been terrorising Irish sheep.
29th Sep, 2003 08:18 (UTC)
eh sorry
That's a puma. Or possibly a panther. So many big cats wandering the UK nowadays I can hardly keep up with it.
28th Sep, 2003 13:41 (UTC)
you could have had at least one nod to Donald Rooum... ;-)
29th Sep, 2003 08:15 (UTC)
Donald Rooum?
Ah, Donald Rooum. Freedom Press. I've probably seen it, but no time recently ...
29th Sep, 2003 08:23 (UTC)
Re: Donald Rooum?
I've a couple of books of 'Wildcat' strips - marvellous things that generally took the piss out of young naive anarchist enthusiasts. met him at the Anarchist Book Fair once... I gather andypop and posse know him from something or other...

my previous comment may have appeared a little terse, btw. terser than I meant it to be, anyway... ;-)
1st Oct, 2003 12:52 (UTC)
Re: Donald Rooum?
.... now you mention it, I might have met him a few times way back when, though I don't remember in a standout way. Thought the link was worth adding, though ...
28th Sep, 2003 16:44 (UTC)
29th Sep, 2003 08:11 (UTC)
... had to rush it out before the postal strike ended!
29th Sep, 2003 01:13 (UTC)
I remember cats like that at university.
That little domestic cat would crap itself if it found itself in the midst of those wildcats. It's just a middleclass apologist cat. Cool cats!
29th Sep, 2003 08:10 (UTC)
Re: I remember cats like that at university.
nah, it's got its owner to protect it. Plus its self-righteousness is protection enough.

typically, it's the apologist cat that gets interviewed in the local press...
1st Oct, 2003 14:17 (UTC)
cats are bastards
much grinsomeness in the Palace of Garish Colours over that one :)

However, if someone could interview a real cat like my timesharecat from downstairs, they would probably say "Stuff the wildcats, where's my FOOD! FOOD! I WANT FOOD! I WILL DIIEEEE! FEED MEE!"
2nd Oct, 2003 02:22 (UTC)
Re: cats are bastards
hmmm, sounds like Union Reps to me. Though they tend to say "money" rather than "food".

None of this inspired by the fact that one of my local Union Reps has just passed me a 589K PDF with 15 different fonts and no print margins to "just put on the site"

Put on the site? I can't even print it.
( 19 worms — Feed the birds )