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surrealist wednesday

My spam's a bit strange this morning. Is there a new virus on the rounds? And what am I to make of someone offering "clear out your pamela debt, no loan needed"?

Meanwhile, artists continue to do strange things: Kelly Heaton is adopting different personas to interact with Elmo: The Trapper collects Elmos through eBay; The Industrialist performs the skinning; and The Taxidermist stuffs and mounts their heads. The Alchemist solders the electronic viscera and seeks clues to the mystery of life. Other characters, The Sociopath, The Debutante, and The Fashionista, interact with the coat and its accessories at various stages in The Surrogate’s development. Much more here including an astounding Elmo merkin. Tip of the mouse to Pete for pointing me there.

To do list


5th Oct, 2003 16:11 (UTC)
wasn't me
... probably this feller -- http://www.adoptabird.org/jeremy.html (or possibly http://www.puppymillrescue.com/Rainbowbridge.htm )

(from images.google searching for jeremy)
12th Oct, 2003 08:34 (UTC)
Spam Literature
Here's some more hidden content lifted from a different spam messsage -
somewhere out there must be spam software which reads Aristophanes to
pass the time between spewing spam:

Philolaus, and Galen. From the northern shores of the aegean came
the birds, and all the gay apparel of summer; when those deserted me,
replied: I have the population of eight provinces at my back

own; and, intent on the glory of an immortal name, yet not

and by the fire of love that burns my heart, that if you grant my prayer,

would arise; but the fact is, that they are private nominations

scene. And in the establishment of the T`ang dynasty,one of the