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return of the virtual car-boot sale

Still cleaning and clearing (and expect to be doing so for a while). Today we replaced the filter in the cooker extractor fan! Hm, domestic. And disgusting.

Free to anyone who wants them:

The Complete Guide to the Xenaverse
A small purple plastic oyster containing a small plastic pearl
Bag of assorted Mac software and accessories (first refusal to Simon)
Linux voodoo penguin (pins not included)
Small recipe book containing only recipes for Irish Stew
Lone Wolf & Cub vol. 2 - The Gateless Barrier
The complete Idiot's Guide to chosing a Pet
1 packet of freshmint Smints (unopened)
Largeish pewter-effect pin in the shape of a pair of Doc Martins
A rather odd-looking but perfectly functional corkscrew
1 packet advanced anti-bacterial dental gum (unopened)
Basic stove-top espresso maker

electrical goods - suitable for local/UK folk only
Sandwich toaster brevel thingy
Timer plug

... and probably more stuff I forgot. Gluhurgh, cleaning is horrible.

I also found a jar of baby octopuses, best before July 1999. I'd chuck them out, but they're half-way to becoming art.


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6th Oct, 2003 01:24 (UTC)
I also found a jar of baby octopuses, best before July 1999. I'd chuck them out, but they're half-way to becoming art.

The image is so beautiful I almost wept!
6th Oct, 2003 02:10 (UTC)
I was thinking this made a very pharaoic(spelling?) image. Why don't you wall up all of the above in an alcove, paint a cartouche on the wall and drill a small viewing hole so that when you put your eye to it you can see the pharaohs "entrails" in a jar.....
6th Oct, 2003 02:21 (UTC)
our walls aren't thick enough
and we don't have any alcoves.

But thank you for using the word "Pharaoic" in my journal :)
6th Oct, 2003 02:52 (UTC)
Re: our walls aren't thick enough
"our walls aren't thick enough
and we don't have any alcoves."

Alright then, you could make a pyramid in the garden. And then Charles Saatchi would buy it.

(I think I shouldn't have watched that programme about Maurizio Cattelan on BBC4 last night....)

6th Oct, 2003 04:03 (UTC)
a thought
If I put it under a pyramid, would the octopuses become edible again?
6th Oct, 2003 11:50 (UTC)
Re: a thought
In theory they should get sharper...
7th Oct, 2003 02:43 (UTC)
Re: a thought
sharp octopuses! Oh no! Fearsome!

( ... I thought he also did some experiments with keeping meat fresh for longer ... though that wouldn't necessarily reverse rot ... )
6th Oct, 2003 04:33 (UTC)
OED suggests: 'Pharaonian (frenn), Pharaonic (-nk), Pharaonical adjs., of or pertaining to, of the nature or character of, or like Pharaoh'

rather than 'pharaoic'. I've hear pharaonic before.

Nice idea!
(Deleted comment)
6th Oct, 2003 02:19 (UTC)
Re: Need a toaster...fed up using the grill rack...
I'll bring it to the pub. Though it may not be quite what you're expecting -- like this:

6th Oct, 2003 01:32 (UTC)
Bag of assorted Mac software and accessories (first refusal to Simon)

I always have to think about what 'first refusal' means, and then it kind of makes perfect sense. Although, of course, I'm unlikely to refuse... I may know of a home for the penguin, too.

Must do this myself. It would be one hell of a list.
6th Oct, 2003 02:22 (UTC)
It's freaking heavy or I'd have already sent it your way
... it's the stuff that came with that extra Mac you accumulated at the exhibition at Caption.
6th Oct, 2003 03:22 (UTC)
Baby Octopus Putrefaction Art...
Definitely the bad mental image of the day!
Your GRRR donation of teeyweeny gems has arrived. Scorchio! Thank you soooo much. (;oD)
6th Oct, 2003 04:02 (UTC)
Re: Baby Octopus Putrefaction Art...
Cool! Sorry about the lack of trading cards, but after I'd laminated the Caption ones I just couldn't bear to part with them ....

Albatross Mango vs The Photocopier! Rik's Ego vs Velcro Lass!

They don't look very putrefied actually, maybe a bit discoloured.
6th Oct, 2003 04:35 (UTC)
'The Complete Idiot's Guide to choosing a Pet'
??? why on earth do you have this anyway? (I should say, how did it come your way?)
6th Oct, 2003 06:21 (UTC)
Re: 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to choosing a Pet'
I think I bought it as a joke present for someone (?Neal) then decided it wasn't a very good joke. It was, like, 99p or something.
6th Oct, 2003 06:22 (UTC)
Re: 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to choosing a Pet'
... and yet you're not surprised by the smints or the octopuses?
6th Oct, 2003 06:55 (UTC)
i'd pay/paypal you for shipping if you sent me items:

recipe book for Irish Stew
freshmint Smints (i have no idea what they are but MUSt have theM?)
small purple plastic oyster
pewter effecct pin in shape of doc martins
stove-top espresso maker?

if any of that would be possible. you can email me at bloodlossgirl@yahoo.com
6th Oct, 2003 09:55 (UTC)
... so now, where are you?
USA, of course. Well, that's no bother, apart from the stovetop espresso maker which is one of the huge ones (12-cup size). All the other items will be made up into a small bundle o' fun for you, and sent your way as soon as possible. Email coming your way now!
6th Oct, 2003 09:58 (UTC)
Re: ... so now, where are you?
just got it and replied, thanks!

where am i? not too sure, my brain seems to have shuffled away from the confines of gravity at the moment, but the physical (half) shell is around in Wisconsin.
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