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return of the virtual car-boot sale

Still cleaning and clearing (and expect to be doing so for a while). Today we replaced the filter in the cooker extractor fan! Hm, domestic. And disgusting.

Free to anyone who wants them:

The Complete Guide to the Xenaverse
A small purple plastic oyster containing a small plastic pearl
Bag of assorted Mac software and accessories (first refusal to Simon)
Linux voodoo penguin (pins not included)
Small recipe book containing only recipes for Irish Stew
Lone Wolf & Cub vol. 2 - The Gateless Barrier
The complete Idiot's Guide to chosing a Pet
1 packet of freshmint Smints (unopened)
Largeish pewter-effect pin in the shape of a pair of Doc Martins
A rather odd-looking but perfectly functional corkscrew
1 packet advanced anti-bacterial dental gum (unopened)
Basic stove-top espresso maker

electrical goods - suitable for local/UK folk only
Sandwich toaster brevel thingy
Timer plug

... and probably more stuff I forgot. Gluhurgh, cleaning is horrible.

I also found a jar of baby octopuses, best before July 1999. I'd chuck them out, but they're half-way to becoming art.

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