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a time to reapThat's Wednesdays for me right now, I start off dragging the swiffer over a shelf or two and end up draining the batteries in Damian's camera wiggling away at macro distance (30cm!) while trying to angle my broken lamp for adequate lighting. The toys are nervous, they can tell it's a time to reap, and they think that if I get distracted enough I'll forget to take them to Oxfam.


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9th Oct, 2003 01:01 (UTC)
How could you?....
9th Oct, 2003 04:13 (UTC)
hmmm, well I haven't yet. Except for the creepy owl with no eyes, that bastard's gone. Going. Will be gone at the weekend.

I lack resolve.
9th Oct, 2003 05:30 (UTC)
No no no -it's just not right. More photos -lots more photos until we're sick of seeing them and then they can go on e-bay where some Jeremy Dennis collector will pay hundreds of pounds for them and lovingly keep care of them for us all.
9th Oct, 2003 05:32 (UTC)
or make Cornell boxes of them and sell them as Art.
9th Oct, 2003 05:37 (UTC)
they all have too much stuff of their own
... have you met marstokyo yet?

Here's her latest creation: http://teenytheaters.com/bugiardo.html
9th Oct, 2003 05:42 (UTC)
Jeremy Dennis collector?
Well, we are relatively rare. According to http://wwww.yournotme.com

"There are probably more people killed in yoghurt, cream, marshmallow and fluffy thing accidents each year then there are of you."

Time to run and hide.
9th Oct, 2003 08:20 (UTC)
9th Oct, 2003 09:05 (UTC)
what ...
you're telling me you never threw out a kinder toy for not being up to snuff?
9th Oct, 2003 09:45 (UTC)
Re: what ...
Now we get to the crux Snuff movie cartoon that what it is.
9th Oct, 2003 15:59 (UTC)
didn't answer the question though, did you?
:D hehehehe the horror continues at http://www.alleged.org.uk/jrd/2003/20031009.html
9th Oct, 2003 16:06 (UTC)
Re: didn't answer the question though, did you?
Oh no - I'm being put on the spot now.... (oh look J G Ballard profile on bbc4) er... er.... ooooh I don't know.... maybe ....aaargh
10th Oct, 2003 02:39 (UTC)
was it any good?
I don't get BBC4.
10th Oct, 2003 02:59 (UTC)
Re: was it any good?
no -not especially. It was very light weight.
10th Oct, 2003 05:36 (UTC)
I'll stop feeling bad about missing it then
9th Oct, 2003 08:37 (UTC)
So sad! :-(

How could you throw away the opportunity for a serial of psychological-toy-torture??? ;-p

A very evil Toy Story. ;-)
9th Oct, 2003 16:01 (UTC)
Re: (sob)
we-ell, I do have quite a lot of evil toys. I mean, do I really need two of the (obviously destined for me) tub'o'dinosaurs?
9th Oct, 2003 16:09 (UTC)
You really should have gone the route of Lego ... at least then your instincts for both destruction and creation could be well assuaged without permanent losses to your toy population. ;-)

10th Oct, 2003 02:40 (UTC)
we have lego
quite a lot of lego.

One might almost say too much.
11th Oct, 2003 11:13 (UTC)
Re: we have lego
Heretic! One can never have too much Lego! :-)

13th Oct, 2003 02:24 (UTC)
I saw this amazing item in a toyshop
... a lego coffee table. It had a removable lego plate lid and storage space underneath it. Coffee tables normally don't interest me, but this one rocked. And it would have solved all my lego storage problems in one swell foop.

Unfortunately, it was shop fittings.
13th Oct, 2003 09:41 (UTC)
Re: I saw this amazing item in a toyshop
That's when you masquerade as a commercial entity to get one of those! :-)

As for me, after 3 whole baskets full of Lego, I've not come up with a better solution. :-)
9th Oct, 2003 09:07 (UTC)
statement of intent re. the sparkly dinosaur
I'm not going to get rid of it. It just had the most pathetic eyes when I was casting round for something to aim the gun at.
9th Oct, 2003 13:15 (UTC)
Why don't you pack some away in a box and then open it up in a few years time? It'll be like getting a whole lot of new toys. I'll look after a box for you for a while if you want, I suddenly have acres of space going spare.
9th Oct, 2003 16:04 (UTC)
Jeremy's theory of acquisition states
that things that go into storage seldom go out.

I also have something of a ?moral objection to storage -- I mean, either I need it out there where I can get at it or I don't need it.

I could make you up a box anyway, though. I already have one gift for you, I could make it several (:D
12th Oct, 2003 08:26 (UTC)
"We said it'd happen, we feared the worst; the Fullgy Bulgy House has burst"
You realise, of course, one day you will put your shoulder to the
thronging mass of toys in the living room, trying to beat a path
to the TV or the drawing board, and the internal pressure of
compressed plastic will be more than the fabric of house and home
can withstand and the house will burst, spilling multicoloured
orphans over a 200-yard radius?

have a toy race and box the stragglers...

Or you could indulge in virtual monsters instead of plastic ones:
13th Oct, 2003 02:25 (UTC)
I'm trying to winnow *before* that happens.

But people keep yelling nooooooo! at me.
5th Nov, 2003 05:34 (UTC)
noo! noo! you must save them, what a fantastically kitsh collection! make them do more strips!you'll be sorry if you dont!
6th Nov, 2003 16:03 (UTC)
you worry me dear
you really do
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