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Dust to DustRound 2 with the toys now up here with a brief appearance by H from steps campaigning for his right to die. Keep asking, sunshine ... Also, I didn't quite move fast enough to avoid this camera at Ladyfest Manchester. Neat photo, though I look strange. "Is that you?" asked Damian. He's a band photographer (go play with the rest of the site to see more) -- what I'm doing is sticking up artwork by people who were taking part in the comics workshop I was running upstairs ...


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9th Oct, 2003 16:11 (UTC)
I LOVE the toys strip!!! most EXCELLENT!!!
10th Oct, 2003 02:33 (UTC)
and I love your anatomically incorrect quimbits
--- they finally made it through the wildcats! .... now, what to send you in return ...
10th Oct, 2003 05:39 (UTC)
Re: and I love your anatomically incorrect quimbits
wee hee! glad the boat finally got there!
10th Oct, 2003 01:23 (UTC)
Thanks for the LADYFEST pics, too. Comics Queens looks terrific!
10th Oct, 2003 02:36 (UTC)
Re: Yeah...
Doesn't it? The exhibition was in two black-painted rooms off an antechamber, it felt a bit like entering a museum, or a tomb -- the colour pieces really shone on the black walls, and the slightly low light -- as well as producing some crazy action shots -- somehow gave the black-and-whites more definition. There was a bit of hush in there -- respect the art!

They'd actually got all the art up for this one (having more space, meaning my colour piece was up, too -- it was hung on its side, which hadn't occurred to me as an option, but actually worked.

I really hope they can do the catalogue.
10th Oct, 2003 01:32 (UTC)
Great action shot there! Very active.
10th Oct, 2003 02:38 (UTC)
hah, well -- I was, wasn't I?
What with all the running back and forth to the library (three flights of stairs and that weird maze-like corridoor every time) it had to be about the most physically demanding workshop I'd ever been on!
10th Oct, 2003 04:38 (UTC)
This one reminds me of the pool of crabs from The Perishers
10th Oct, 2003 05:43 (UTC)
I don't know what the heck you're talking about
10th Oct, 2003 06:02 (UTC)
that photo-
it's obviously yet another one of Jeremy's super powers being caught on camera.
11th Oct, 2003 11:19 (UTC)
can you please give me the code to this thing.. if you have it please email it to me @ freakie256@hotmail.com
11th Oct, 2003 11:20 (UTC)
please tell me the code for LJ email it to me @ freakie256@ hotmail.com
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