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playmobil sweep says: never climb a ladder unless it is properly secured

To heck with America's National Coming Out Day and Week of Cramming Family Values down your throat whether you want it or not, today marks the beginning of the European Week for Health and Safety at Work. This year's theme is dangerous substances (COSSH to its friends). Playmobil Sweep would like to talk to you about the dangers of sweeping chimneys while wearing a plastic top hat, but he doesn't have a mouth, so you'll just have to imagine what he might say.

Speaking of dangerous substances at work, one of my co-workers has abandoned a pear on her desk for, oh about four days now (and it was a bit overripe to start with). I'm photographing it semi-regularly, might make a nice animated gif ...

And since it is coming out day, I might as well join in the fun. I have a closet full of lingerie!


13th Oct, 2003 14:35 (UTC)
yes - quite... cor!

And re: desks and dangerous substances, I was told I was having a new desk last week, and it was meant to have already come, and my manager's manager went to find out about it today and was told it's now in quarantine because of something to do with asbestos. I'm not sure why I need a new one anyway.
13th Oct, 2003 14:46 (UTC)
Re: Cor!
Don’t act all surprised—you’ve slept in it (in Jeremy’s closet, that is, not necessarily the lingerie itself)…
13th Oct, 2003 14:49 (UTC)
Re: Cor!
Oooh! Gosh! Coo!
13th Oct, 2003 14:51 (UTC)
they don't make desks out of asbestos
that's crazy talk!

You slept in my closet, you know (well, closet, computer room, comics archive, library, greenhouse ...) though come to think of it I may have cleared the lingerie out to the *secret* closet when Paul + Gavin were staying.

Hmmm, must go investigate.
13th Oct, 2003 14:53 (UTC)
Re: they don't make desks out of asbestos
Ah, but I think it has been in a room where something to do with asbestos was happening. Our institution is pretty peculiar.

Maybe I couldn't see the wood for the trees? Or some other figure of speech.
13th Oct, 2003 15:17 (UTC)
nah, I'd hidden it
So you only slept with a (carefully concealed) portion of my lingerie.

found it now though :D
13th Oct, 2003 14:55 (UTC)
Re: Cor!
Ahh...that'll be one of those desks with the corrugated asbestos roof.