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picky picky pick-me-up

After a couple of weeks of flailing and failing, I think I've finally come up with a decent plot direction for the Picky Picky Game.

Hard-boiled microscopic pond life. Come on, it'll be great (if it wins, that's a point, go and vote! now!)

It's be fantastic -- slinky Ciliates, dodgy Diatoms, Rotifers caught red-handed -- without even getting onto the Flagellated Protozoa (I got the cast list from microscopy-uk) -- and best of all, they're dead easy to draw because they're just BLOBS! Bwa-ha-ha!

Please, help me to make my dream a reality. Vote, and contribute pictures. Lots of pictures.

Or don't -- it's supposed to be democratic, after all.


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15th Oct, 2003 02:13 (UTC)
I've voted!

Tonight for the Hidden Cameras gig -- what time should we get the bus?
15th Oct, 2003 03:03 (UTC)
yes, but where's your picture, eh?
probably the 5.30 again ... the gig's 7pm-2am officially, but a little bit late is probably good (though with 5 DJs and four live acts, hm) ... does Simon want to meet for food beforehand? We could eat in Notting Hill, maybe?
15th Oct, 2003 03:31 (UTC)
Re: yes, but where's your picture, eh?
Simon was going to see us in there unless otherwise planned -- I'll email him soon anyway and see what he thinks. Might be an eat-and-run thing anyway.

See you at 5:30 at GGreen and no doubt be in touch before then if any (eating/meeting) plans change.
15th Oct, 2003 05:00 (UTC)
do they have to be hard-boiled? wouldn't that stop them moving about?
15th Oct, 2003 05:55 (UTC)
Re: huh?
Or, if you prefer, pondlife noir ...

... actually, I was wondering about the whole soft-bodied/hard-jawed problem, but I'm sure it's surmountable.

Drawing a single-celled femme fatale, though .... pff, tricky
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