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where does all the dust come from?

Finding Nemo Blue Planet beautiful very funny especially the sharks remind me so much of some of my colleagues. A pill shut down myself to ask me advice. Distress, distress. President George W Bush said recently that marriage should be between a man and woman and that the administration was considering a proposal to amend the constitution to preclude gay marriage. F****er! The computer post to convincce her and golly-gee you need advice. I suppose it's alright. Going to be the only one there tonight. Candles = danger, not romance. Haven't you ever set a curtain on fire? Pointless, pointless, pointless. Doodle a caboodle. Sore. The weight of people really. So many refugees men, powerful, rich, still the people with power who can do. Are old at a really but I'm going away. Throw away things, dust things, lose things. Where does all the dust come from? Why bother I just get more. Somebody needs Macbeth finger puppets, my spirits marvellosly. Swear swear firewall swear. No time to explain. Oh Tod why did you buy your man the patch? What am I doing? Victorian Organ festival in Snibston. My life is over. No interest to pack up all of profit to be. A credible explaination for one of my bosses. Oh Lord, Sir, the Parties... Nice when they decide I'm worth a connection. Oh, pollocks. What's the point? There's jam everywhere.

Interstella 5555 on at the Phoenix next Thu late -- the film of those G-force tribute Daft Punk videos.


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17th Oct, 2003 09:30 (UTC)
You make me realise...
I have no particularly easily combustible 'curtains' ...

17th Oct, 2003 09:37 (UTC)
it's probably for the best
Burning curtains are sort of scary. They go up really fast.
17th Oct, 2003 10:13 (UTC)
Re: it's probably for the best
And I always thought that was a special FX in all those horror-zombie films...
18th Oct, 2003 03:25 (UTC)
Oh no
It's all for real -- six foot flames, metling bits dropping off, the works. Though they probably use an accelerant to get it burning well at the outset, because catching is the slow bit.

You have to not notice that your candle is burning your curtain for quite a while ...
18th Oct, 2003 07:23 (UTC)
Re: Oh no
Mmmm...zombie accelerant! ;-)
17th Oct, 2003 12:40 (UTC)
Pollock makes my eyeballs ache
18th Oct, 2003 03:30 (UTC)
.. as the doctor said to the patient
then stop staring at it.
17th Oct, 2003 13:40 (UTC)
Where does all the dust come from?
It's mostly skin cells...
18th Oct, 2003 03:29 (UTC)
I know
and that just makes it worse.
18th Oct, 2003 08:27 (UTC)
Re: I know
Well stop scratching all the time!
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