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global warming killed my cherry tree

SisyphusSo. Went to beer festival; drank Gunner's Daughter, St Peter's Organic, and a lot of other beers that weren't quite as good but were very nice; none bad at all. truecatechresis, however, drank a cider called Swamp Donkey, which smelt rank beyond belief. He claimed it tasted nice ... afterwards failed to go to a gig that wasn't happening or at least not where I thought it was; never mind, would have been too drunk anyway. I intimidated the door lady into giving me back my money and took Roland home to watch Kung Faux instead.

Saturday lugged clothes to charity shop, had a thoroughly disagreeable moment in Bead Games that thoroughly soured my mood for much of the rest of the weekend. Lifted by; next episdode of Smax -- good despite showing a slight tendency towards that rather lazy form of storytelling that involves putting your hero in a situation of ignorance then pointing at them and laughing because they're a fool; mad friend-creatures at the bookshop discussing erotica and philosophy; dancing socks off to The Evenings and headbanging to The Rock of Travolta; friends talking rubbish on my floor till small hours; other things.

Sunday weeded the garden, mucked out my make-up box (threw away a lipstick dating back to 1981!), and cleaned the toilet. Debated whether a small winged sheep was really worth keeping. Laminated 78 Monkey vs. Robot cards for Jenni. Womdered what to do with my life; watched The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth for guidance. Not helpful. Did this week's strip.

It's sequel to this one.


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19th Oct, 2003 19:15 (UTC)
Couple of things...
1. Pete's Organic ... yup, tried it ... yummy!

2. I like the Spirited Away influences there ... namely the white mask face against the darkness.
20th Oct, 2003 02:51 (UTC)
Re: Couple of things...
... and don't forget the Belleville Rendezvous influence (eating frogs).
19th Oct, 2003 21:25 (UTC)
I like this week's strip. I'm very pleased that the frog who's about to be eaten is saying "ribbit". It's very characteristic of your work, somehow.

Did you see/read The Woman in the Dunes?
20th Oct, 2003 03:13 (UTC)
not yet
... but Amazon's recommended it to me enough that I probably should

(I missed the film)

mmmm frogs
20th Oct, 2003 03:45 (UTC)
I don't think the term "Sisyphus" or "Sisyphean" appears anywhere in or on that novel, but it goes damn far in that frame of mind. The book's excruciating. The film, I barely survived. All very good. Kobo Abe, if I recall all right.

mmm... save me the froggy's bum
20th Oct, 2003 05:38 (UTC)
Woman in the Dunes
The film is indeed fabulous. They showed it the UPP a few years ago. I went because my dad had sent me a newspaper clipping about the film with a little note saying that it was extremely good, and that he didn't remember much about it other than that it was mostly and intensely about sand and frustration.

This was just after Mike's analysis of stories (attributed to one of the ancient Greeks, I forget who) which said that any story is essentially of the form: 'Man falls into pit, gets out of pit having learnt something'. I took Woman of the Dunes to be the perfect counterexample to this thesis, being 'Man falls into pit, fails to get out of pit, quite possibly learns nothing at all'. It is utterly compelling.
20th Oct, 2003 07:52 (UTC)
Re: Woman in the Dunes
It certainly sounds like something I could relate to.
20th Oct, 2003 05:43 (UTC)
darn it - now *you've* mentioned it as well -I really have to go and buy that video. It's sheer unadulerated peer pressure that's what it is.

Read this post to see what I'm wibbling on about.)
20th Oct, 2003 07:54 (UTC)
Re: labryinth
You know you need it really. The wig(s) are even worse than you remember, but the clothes are probably better.

It's a worm, by the way.

Sarah: Do you know the way through the labyrinth?
Worm: Who me? Nah, I'm just a worm.
Sarah: Sigh.
Worm: Come inside, and meet the missus...
(Deleted comment)
22nd Oct, 2003 16:33 (UTC)
22nd Oct, 2003 06:18 (UTC)
22nd Oct, 2003 16:32 (UTC)
wow! thanks -- are they all yours?
23rd Oct, 2003 01:44 (UTC)
Re: Frogs!
Yes! They are from my collection.
24th Oct, 2003 02:29 (UTC)
oh my
oooh, you have that weird legless frog thermometer, too.

The chocolate frogs created as Potter merchandise always made me anxious because they had no legs, just eyes that stared ...
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