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The inner life of the one-man-band man's dogThis week's strip has the most unwieldy title to date! I'm so proud. A dog story to balance out the other week's cats -- inspired by one of Oxford's many buskers. I used to work in Evans, a shop with big, open doors, right opposite one of the main busker spots in town, and buskers were both a bane (the barrel-organ guy, the bagpiper, the noisy christmas trumpeter) and a joy (the string quartet, the Northumbrian piper, the violinists). The one-man-band is a recent arrival, but played the same spot. If I'd still been working there, I think he might have got annoying.


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23rd Oct, 2003 00:24 (UTC)
be be be (where do those speech marks live on my keyboard)
l-o-v-e-l-y....came here from 'Groc's Blogette' and i'm leaving pinkybluepleasedwithsprinklesontop. i love the sound effects and e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g about the third frame especially. and of course, the title. the stretch noise made me purrrrrr. my favourite cartoon sound fx is 'miom miom miom' (from Julie Doucet's 'Dirty Plotte'), and now 'be be be' goes straight alongside of that.
23rd Oct, 2003 00:56 (UTC)
Re: be be be (where do those speech marks live on my keyboard)
ps that messgae was from david/archontic who lives inside of groc's comments boxes.
23rd Oct, 2003 03:01 (UTC)
Re: be be be (where do those speech marks live on my keyboard)
doesn't it get a bit cramped in there with all those rants and seagulls?
23rd Oct, 2003 12:14 (UTC)
Re: be be be (where do those speech marks live on my keyboard)
rants are the best thing and worst thing at the very same time: exposing things so that you don't have to be exposed to them (probably that sounds better in french!). when cake is not near a rant can rage like The Young Gods, or a stormy sea. but when cake is near a rant is tsk tsk tsk like a disapproving squirrel throwing nuts at children in the park. the cake is therefore very important. (David).
23rd Oct, 2003 02:59 (UTC)
Le mouton bêle; il fait bêêê.
french animal sounds are the best.

23rd Oct, 2003 09:21 (UTC)
Re: Le mouton bêle; il fait bêêê.
Great website!
23rd Oct, 2003 09:28 (UTC)
Re: Le mouton bêle; il fait bêêê.
I certainly find it useful.
23rd Oct, 2003 09:04 (UTC)
You get into the mind of a dog so well - and I mean that as a compliment! :-)

23rd Oct, 2003 09:32 (UTC)
arf arf
I should have given a tip of the nib to Steve Whitaker. Steve on the difference between cats and dogs:

A cat will look at you while you're sat at the drawing board, working away and it'll be saying, "I don't know what the fuck you're doing."

Whereas a dog will look at you and say, "I don't know what the fuck you're doing ... but I *love* you."
24th Oct, 2003 06:59 (UTC)
actually a cat will go 'I don't know what the fuck you're doing' come and lie spread out all over your drawing board so you can't do anything and will look up at you and purrrrr at you while gently patting your pen or pencil with their paw, before rubbing their head on it followed by rubbing their head on your nose.
24th Oct, 2003 07:58 (UTC)
Re: cats
oh, you romantic, you.
24th Oct, 2003 10:09 (UTC)
there's a man who is always busking on State Street, here, with his little wiener-dog (does that sound like a euphemism?), his dachshund, curled up in his guitar case. The dog looks so sad. How can i throw money at that poor little dog?
26th Oct, 2003 15:56 (UTC)
wiener-dog pride
Drop it gently onto its back-end. It'll be like patting it*. With money. And what could be nicer than that?

*Except you wouldn't really, would you, because of fleas ...
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