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The inner life of the one-man-band man's dogThis week's strip has the most unwieldy title to date! I'm so proud. A dog story to balance out the other week's cats -- inspired by one of Oxford's many buskers. I used to work in Evans, a shop with big, open doors, right opposite one of the main busker spots in town, and buskers were both a bane (the barrel-organ guy, the bagpiper, the noisy christmas trumpeter) and a joy (the string quartet, the Northumbrian piper, the violinists). The one-man-band is a recent arrival, but played the same spot. If I'd still been working there, I think he might have got annoying.


23rd Oct, 2003 12:14 (UTC)
Re: be be be (where do those speech marks live on my keyboard)
rants are the best thing and worst thing at the very same time: exposing things so that you don't have to be exposed to them (probably that sounds better in french!). when cake is not near a rant can rage like The Young Gods, or a stormy sea. but when cake is near a rant is tsk tsk tsk like a disapproving squirrel throwing nuts at children in the park. the cake is therefore very important. (David).