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snips and snails

There's an exhibition at the Oxford Botanical Gardens of insects and other small life-forms made from berries, leaves and twigs. It's in the alpine house; possibly as an ironic response, ants have invaded most of the plants in the tropical house corridoors.

Interstella 5555 (Ziggy Stardust meets G Force) is great (wear earplugs if you dislike Daft Punk).

Blame grocko for this: Don't trust the Swiss. They have developed floating tents and will try to steal your lungs while you sleep.

I'm going to a folk club acoustic evening tonight. Wish me luck.


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27th Oct, 2003 09:48 (UTC)
It'll be great. Remember to take your bells on sticks and hankies.
27th Oct, 2003 09:50 (UTC)
must be Robin Wheeeler's thing... who are you going to see?
28th Oct, 2003 02:37 (UTC)
going? to see?
there wasn't a playlist. We just went.

As it happens, we saw a fun (very cute) female duo called Rubicon (who could really do with having a more unique name) and a bizarre acoustic experimentalist called Amrit Sond ( http://www.amritsond.com/ does *not* do him justice ) plus, oh, a lot of other stuff. Very eclectic.

28th Oct, 2003 07:54 (UTC)
Re: going? to see?
Ooh, we have a kid pop band in NZ called Rubicon.
28th Oct, 2003 02:40 (UTC)
googled for amrit + rubicon
and found ....

The Acoustic Session: Sarah Jane Summerfield + Robin Mughardjie + Christian Wilton King + Naked Starjump + Amrit + Layla + Rubicon + Nick Higton + Tom Mcinerney

... I think there were more than that playing, though.
27th Oct, 2003 10:31 (UTC)
(wear earplugs if you dislike daft punk)
Yeah, and take a blindfold in case you dislike japanese animation.
28th Oct, 2003 05:30 (UTC)
though if you find yourself wearing both
possibly you should go see Finding Nemo instead.
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