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that crazy english artist

It's Turner Season again. Art has been "colonised by the incomprehensible classes". My time has been colonised by page-a-day projects. I use them to stave off depression and terminal lassitude, but they can swell to unmanageable proportions. There are currently three running; The Fashion Calendar, the (possibly ill-advised) Gorey Year Tear Calendar and dropandgiveme50.

I started on dropandgiveme50 to practice quick production of 50-word chunks of text so as to speed up review writing. I can now judge 50 words to +/- 3 and writing reviews takes a fraction of the time they used to. At the outset, I planned to do it for three months -- once I got to six, it seemed silly to stop before a year. By the same token, a year is a good amount and I will stop after Oct 31, though I won't be leaving the community entirely as I suspect I'll still need it to vent the odd annoyance.

The other two will run out when the year runs out. I have some ideas for others. They might vget out of my head, or might just turn toxic and fester.

In the meantime, at least I can draw bands.

The acoustic night worked out OK, actually; annoyance at ludicrous poetical euphemisms for shagging and borderline-offensive chirpy-chappy humour more than compensated for by a good table with enough light to draw by, the company of my bitchy-sweet sister, and a wildly eclectic fast-track lineup (no-one played more than three songs). We talked about skirts and listened to some very surprising sounds; I leched at pretty girls with guitars, Elle politely ignored this.

And while we're on the subject, despite all the objections to gay clergy, Christians are cool with homoerotica -- remember, now, you can look, but don't sin!

Oh, and I did the trick-or-treat meme, but the results are too distressing to post. You're all bastards.


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28th Oct, 2003 07:57 (UTC)
More new cool avatar...
29th Oct, 2003 07:07 (UTC)
feel free to steal
29th Oct, 2003 07:24 (UTC)
Re: feel free to steal
Good spotting then.
29th Oct, 2003 16:10 (UTC)
Re: feel free to steal
What are you going to be bringing to the comics winter festival? I have all manner of mad crap from 11 years of caption, plus some comics of mine (including my little stand-up mini-comic selling cardboard tart). Paper dolls and lots of stuff for the board. Jenni's bringing superstate funnies (books to sell) and some more paper dolls, I think. Damian's bringing the i-book with photos, maybe some picky stuff on it.
30th Oct, 2003 00:16 (UTC)
I have my same two last comics, because I've been been having a dry spell and don't have a new one. I guess I'll have to pull finger if I want a new one for May. I did make some Teacake stickers though, with the teapot, to give away. I do have a new comic from a Bristol guy who decided to have a go after seeing the Bristol Funtime one. I was thinking about bringing cakes and doilies again, but imagine there probably won't be room for all that?

The thing that's really tricky is the whole notion of halloween costuming, which since I only have one more evening and loads to do, I don't think I'm going to achieve.
30th Oct, 2003 02:23 (UTC)
Re: comics
Cakes and doilies are always a good idea, surely

Don't worry about the halloween costumes. I'm thinking that mzdt has a big house full of cool stuff, either he'll have a dressing up box or we can improvise something, and I don't have any plans in that direction (or time to do them if I had them) ... you can always claim to be a plainclothes witch !

Except for dying my hair white which is already done.
30th Oct, 2003 02:30 (UTC)
Re: comics
Actually, I have turquoise flanelette pyjamas with little ghosts on, but then I'd just be dressing up as a person going to bed. But they do have little ghosts on.
30th Oct, 2003 03:04 (UTC)
... you do need to bring a pair of pajamas anyway, don't you?
30th Oct, 2003 03:21 (UTC)
Re: we-ell
I'd say so. But I might bring extras if I'm using one set for gallivanting around London in.
28th Oct, 2003 08:22 (UTC)
I just joined dropandgiveme50 what a neat premise.
28th Oct, 2003 10:18 (UTC)
Nice Fosca pic. You do seem to have pushed my album cover pic to the news page, though... ;-)

Did you ever draw Vic 20?
29th Oct, 2003 07:06 (UTC)
... nah
the thing my pic replaced was a still from Topsy Turvy ....

Did you ever draw Vic 20?
not yet, though I have drawn a few other people. Might post them if I get a minute.
28th Oct, 2003 10:53 (UTC)
Tricked, Not Treated-
I ended up with four bits of candy and a chunk of wood. Grizzle.
29th Oct, 2003 07:09 (UTC)
I am still the unluckiest.
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