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last of the festivals

Happy Halloween!Huzzah! Last comics event of the year cleared (I don't count the Comics Midwinter Retreat -- that's more pleasure than business) with moderate success (not out of pocket) and some very pleasant moments. White hair, rather scared, but it went OK. Thanks to everyone I saw/stayed with/got a lift from/met up with after ages/etc. and Happy Halloween to the lot of you.


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3rd Nov, 2003 00:48 (UTC)
Cool Spontaneous BiroStrip
Dunno what's going on, but it looks really nice...
I do stuff I don't remember doing all the time, then I see it in some comic or exhibit and think 'Huh? That looks like one of mine-Oh,it is...' Goes with the posession, I guess.
3rd Nov, 2003 02:40 (UTC)
Re: Cool Spontaneous BiroStrip
my funky purple propelling pencil rocks! It's so smooooth to draw with --- it looks like it was drawn while drunk, probably at a dangerous party. It's pretty rare that I don't remember something *at all* ...

It was great to see you at Wintercon (or whatever it was called) -- glad you got to the art thing, too.
3rd Nov, 2003 03:04 (UTC)
purple propelling pencil?
I think I want one.
I think I need one...
what make? where can i get one?
3rd Nov, 2003 05:13 (UTC)
I went to honest stationary
But Paperchase or even smiths might do the trick. There are loads of different colours to chose from; red, green, blue (yes, that "invisible" light blue), indigo, yellow (very impractical), pink and lovely purple.

*thinks for a moment*

I'm about to go to lunch, I'll see if I can spot one for you.
3rd Nov, 2003 06:10 (UTC)
Re: purple propelling pencil?
Got ya one. I'll pop it in the post later.

Good thing I went, the art shop had a load of new nibs in. Think I beat everyone there -- some of the packs were still sealed ...
3rd Nov, 2003 06:37 (UTC)
Re: purple propelling pencil?
oh wow (stunned) i wasn't expecting that -thanksomuchso kiss kiss kiss
3rd Nov, 2003 03:48 (UTC)
Re: Cool Spontaneous BiroStrip
Yeh, I hate those things, but Wintercon seemed rather better than average, apart from my nearly coughing my tripes up in the Small Press panel...Hope I didn't miss anything , but I gather it was almost over. That and the earlier Education & Comics thing were quite interesting; more coherent than usual.
Hope you CAPTION types are enjoying the Serbia bits. I've got tons more comix, etc...
The stall looked cool; I'm still enchanted by the weensy Battenburgs. They might not have been consumed, but they just looked so bijou!
In addition to having similar hair colouway, incidentally, I VERY nearly wore my own skull T-shirt, but because I was feeling rough, didn't wanna draw any more attention to myself that was inevitable. Skull shirts do rock, though...
3rd Nov, 2003 05:14 (UTC)
they were all et
-- several by me! The skull t-shirt had to be done, nearest I got to fancy dress this Halloween (sob).

Oh well, at least I got to give trick-or-treating children a handful of plastic caterpillars.
3rd Nov, 2003 06:15 (UTC)
Re: they were all et
Several by me too, yum!
Failed to get to Comics&Education (only just arrived and wanted to look round) or Independent Stuff (not back from lunch in time) - how were they?
And how was Pizza Express? I was impressed to find summer pudding in November.
3rd Nov, 2003 08:12 (UTC)
didn't go to anything
... too afraid of the crowds (:

think tinyjo, [Bad username: squigglyruth>, and <lj user=] might have done thought.

Did you make it to Fosca?
3rd Nov, 2003 08:13 (UTC)
3rd Nov, 2003 08:16 (UTC)
Re: didn't go to anything
Nope, ran into some people I knew from Bristol just as we were leaving (for home rather than Fosca - figured getting home after that would have been too tricky) and ended up in the hotel bar for an extra hour or 2 before heading home. Fun, and Elly got her promised sketch from Dave Goodman so she was happy.
7th Nov, 2003 18:07 (UTC)
Re: Cool Spontaneous BiroStrip
I was in town on the day, but "bob" help me, I still don't even know where the winterfest was held... I am becoming a ghost in the comics dimension

10th Nov, 2003 02:38 (UTC)
Re: Cool Spontaneous BiroStrip
... because you were doing something else or because you couldn't find it?

(The Holiday Inn off Marchmont Street, Russell Sq. tube station.)
10th Nov, 2003 16:02 (UTC)
Cold repetitive charcoal swaddle
I had something else to do,
which I singularly failed to do,
which pretty sums up year #42
10th Nov, 2003 16:57 (UTC)
Re: Cold repetitive charcoal swaddle
you're very confusing sometimes, you know.
4th Nov, 2003 07:32 (UTC)
Scanning done!
6th Nov, 2003 08:06 (UTC)
... do you allow remote linking? It'd be a good comment on my current post ... :D
6th Nov, 2003 09:13 (UTC)
Re: neaters!
Feel free!
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