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babes and boys

So, continuing the torrent of babies (latest addition: Ruby Alberta, daughter of Lalage), co-worker Collette has gratefully left on maternity, leaving me a random string of new temporary co-workers, one of whom looks just like Stuart from dykes2watchout4, only english. Heheh. I picked up a copy of the latest Alison Bechdel collection while escaping (I must escape the heterosexuality!) from the Comics Winter Festival to Gay's The Word.
somewhat ghostworld-inspired batman fans

We also picked up Curbside and a bizarre but brilliant gay comic-book version of "The Importance of Being Earnest" with a female vicar and the two ladies turned to darling little Cecil and good-heavens-Gwen (damnit, this is a good play, but it's just not gay enough, thought Tom Bouden).

Continuing the clean-line theme, I also picked up Garen Ewing's inspired adventure story, The Rainbow Orchid, set in the cut-and-thrust world of antique dealing and botany, which (for the purposes of high adventure) incorporates film stars, journalists, mysterious aristocrats, stunt pilots and of course plenty of thugs, villains and alarming perils; tousle-haired charmer Julius Chancer stars.


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6th Nov, 2003 07:41 (UTC)
Gay's the Word also have a web site

The content looks to be pretty up to date even if the style is stuck in 1996.

6th Nov, 2003 07:44 (UTC)
more gray than gay ... (runs for cover)

9th Nov, 2003 05:55 (UTC)
The Rainbow Orchid
Thanks for mentioning The Rainbow Orchid. I just checked the website and it looks great. I'm a sucker for anything clearline/Tintin-inspired. Any more recommendations?
10th Nov, 2003 02:43 (UTC)
Tom Bouden's stuff (as mentioned above) was the only other cleanline I picked up at the comics winterfest, but if you've not seen it already, Scarlet Traces ( http://www.disraeli.plus.com/scarlet/extras/extras.html ) has lovely D'Israeli art and a thoroughly bizarre story.
10th Nov, 2003 13:29 (UTC)
Re: hmmmm
Scarlet Traces looks fantastic! I completely missed it because I don't have much (or any) time for 2000AD/Judge Dredd. Should I get the hardback or the back issues of the Dredd mag? Maybe wait for a softcover collection. I review graphic novels (& other books) for bookmunch.com, so maybe I can get a copy that way, although the only good book they ever sent me was Palestine.
10th Nov, 2003 15:34 (UTC)
Re: hmmmm
Signal to noise ratio in 2000AD/JD isn't good but it does turn up the occasional treasure -- though in ST's case, it *was* made for another project. ... there may not be a softcover edition, I've not seen any from 2000AD publishing recently; it's all gone a bit swank.

I've got a copy coming, but it's not here yet.
16th Nov, 2003 06:16 (UTC)
The Rainbow Orchid
I got my copy of The Rainbow Orchid. Thanks for your recommendation. Read my journal to find out what I think of it!
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