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disgusting sick flem-filled JeremyToday I coughed so hard I hurt a muscle in my back. Then I went to see That New Matrix Film. SPOILER ALERT Which I found both enjoyable and irritating. I didn't like; the relentless mysticism of what was really quite a basic concept, the excessive repitition, game-style plot advancement (maps? please!), dialogue so predictable and slowly delivered you could say it before the actors, emotional whispering, the Star Trek effect (captains lived, red-shirts died), everything in (and about) Zion, the treatment of the female shreddies, wasting time on cliched war stuff. I liked; all the programmes, except for the oracle/architect in avatar-forms (he was fantastic in his real form), Persephone's breasts, Keanu getting his eyes burned out, Niobe taking the ship off automatic, Trinity getting back to basics, and the awesome(ly pointless) superhero battle. You know what they should do next? Miracleman. Let's see them make superheroes fighting the focus of the film ... other than that it was (at its best) a lot like Reboot mixed with Scanners, and at its worst, a lot like Star Trek meets Galipoli, except that no named characters die. Well, OK, one dies, and one transcends; but only the ones you expected would all along. Does anyone want a big black leather coat? I've decided to get rid of mine.

I also took the bus to Witney and at every red light or traffic queue drew a bit more of this week's strip. Unfortunately I accidentally took the express back and had to finish up in Marks and Spencers cafe. The tea was horrible, but then everything tastes horrible at the moment. My night cold medication looks like absinthe, let's hope it knocks me out like absinthe, too. Last night was drowning misery. (On a bright note, I got back the photo of those enormous eyelashes.)


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13th Nov, 2003 21:20 (UTC)
My back hurts from coughing too. Also my throat feels sort of like someone's reached down my gob and punched it.
14th Nov, 2003 01:52 (UTC)
feeling better today
that new medication I picked up was really great, even if it tasted like absinthe cut with mouthwash and corn syrup.
14th Nov, 2003 01:46 (UTC)
Disgusting Sick...
Ain't it awful? Sounds like you have 'mine'. I'm OK, now, but every now and then, I STILL get siezed by a 'looie-hawking' spasm. Vile, vile...Made me stir myself to go get that flu jab, though.
14th Nov, 2003 01:55 (UTC)
the pharmacist told me
that half the people in town have it

I think I'll wing it, flu-jab wise. Flu jabs remind me of boarding school.
14th Nov, 2003 01:52 (UTC)
Ginger wine's better than sake for a cold. Or there's always a nice toddy. Mmmm.
14th Nov, 2003 02:00 (UTC)
Yes, I've been told that one before. And half'n'half whiskey and ginger wine, too. Unfortunately the whiskey-based "cures" just leave me feeling somewhere between slightly and a whole lot worse ... just more proof that everyone's different.

Though I'm open to persuasion on the toddy front, of course. Got any good recipes?
14th Nov, 2003 02:05 (UTC)
Re: pah!
1 sachet lemsip, 1 cinnamon stick, 1 tsp honey, a couple of cloves if you like. Add half a mug's worth of hot water, stir well with the cinammon stick, add whisky to taste.
You can use rind&juice of 1 lemon instead of the lemsip if you prefer. Personally I like it (though curiously only actual lemsip lemsip, not beechams/boots/whoever's)...
14th Nov, 2003 03:03 (UTC)
My university pays people £30 for the snot in their nose. It's a funny world.
14th Nov, 2003 05:08 (UTC)
is it per nose or do you have to produce a measure amount?
Because at the moment, I have loads (though most of it's coming out of my lungs, not nose).
14th Nov, 2003 05:27 (UTC)
Ooooh... so for those of us who hate needles and feel bad for not donating blood, we could make a snot donation instead?
14th Nov, 2003 07:16 (UTC)
pay is better, too
£30 is much better payback than a biscuit and a weak lemon drink.
14th Nov, 2003 03:49 (UTC)
it sounds like the Matrix people have been inordinately clever in getting the world to get excited about seeing not just one ropey sequel -but two. Yes, I'll be trudging along with the rest of the them to see it - hoping against hope that the third film won't be as bad as the first. Even though it sounds like Zion survives the attack... darn.

PS thank you for the lovely purple pencil and the splendiferous comic books!
14th Nov, 2003 05:07 (UTC)
Re: mmmmatrix

It is better than the second one (thank heavens), though the tediousness of Zion still consumes inordinate quantities of screen time. And some of their actors, yeesh -- more wooden than the Ronseal guy! ... and the dialogue could have done with a whole lot of snip and polish.

I watched it like I watch bad kung-fu movies. Hmmmm. Kung Faux recuts the Matrix ...

has possibilities.
14th Nov, 2003 05:39 (UTC)
Re: mmmmatrix
I wonder if your cold is at all related to the Matrix 3 experience... I felt some sort of stomach cramps after innocuously watching M 2 on DVD...
14th Nov, 2003 08:46 (UTC)
Re: mmmmatrix
I thnk M2 would give anyone stomach cramps.
14th Nov, 2003 11:58 (UTC)
Incidentally, your technique seems to have worked
For M3 anyway. Going into the cinema house, I had heard the films 'blows!' ... so I simply switched that analytical part of the brain off, and voila! ... a good enough film.
14th Nov, 2003 11:49 (UTC)
recut Matrix
Apparently done a bit, in spoofery, in Scary Movie 3.
14th Nov, 2003 07:29 (UTC)
Good Strip

I found this fabulous brandy like substance that only is produced and sold in Canada...Montreal to be exact. It is made from maple syrup with a kick that'd knock you into next week. I find that it is a great resolver of problems of the phlegmatic type.

good drawings, by the by.
16th Nov, 2003 10:10 (UTC)
Good Grief!
I hope you have been to the medics... producing coloured phlgem
for too long is a sign of bronchitis & should be seen to pronto!

I am now filled with fear by eurekapancake's zombie duck btw.
16th Nov, 2003 13:29 (UTC)
Re: Good Grief!
Which would be more fearsome? Zombie Duck or Artist roaming the streets with a productive cough?

Yes, let's say, for the record, one should not be out and about when coughing produces phlegm that can bounce.

And now on to more intellectually stimulating and more pleasants comments...

7th Dec, 2003 07:29 (UTC)
I don't know what the deal is with the coats.i would imagine that it's a bit hard to fight in an ankle length leather coat, wouldn't it get in the way? real freedom fighters worry about practical issues, and getting the job done.They don't care if they look cool or not.

It reminds me of a story from the graphic novel "Watchmen".a super-hero is chasing a bank robber out of a bank, and his cape got caught in the revolving door.the bank robber shot him while he was trying to get unstuck.
7th Dec, 2003 07:31 (UTC)
Re: hi!
the story is told by someone in one of the text passages between chapters, they don't actually SHOW it.
7th Dec, 2003 11:58 (UTC)
who was that masked man?
... can't remember, but I remember that he had the cape because of a opinion poll of customers at the bank he mascotted ...

maybe that's the reason for Matrix leather vicar costumes

98% of Matrix fans said coats should be longer, fuller, more reflective
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