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can't think of anything except this damn cold

disgusting sick flem-filled JeremyToday I coughed so hard I hurt a muscle in my back. Then I went to see That New Matrix Film. SPOILER ALERT Which I found both enjoyable and irritating. I didn't like; the relentless mysticism of what was really quite a basic concept, the excessive repitition, game-style plot advancement (maps? please!), dialogue so predictable and slowly delivered you could say it before the actors, emotional whispering, the Star Trek effect (captains lived, red-shirts died), everything in (and about) Zion, the treatment of the female shreddies, wasting time on cliched war stuff. I liked; all the programmes, except for the oracle/architect in avatar-forms (he was fantastic in his real form), Persephone's breasts, Keanu getting his eyes burned out, Niobe taking the ship off automatic, Trinity getting back to basics, and the awesome(ly pointless) superhero battle. You know what they should do next? Miracleman. Let's see them make superheroes fighting the focus of the film ... other than that it was (at its best) a lot like Reboot mixed with Scanners, and at its worst, a lot like Star Trek meets Galipoli, except that no named characters die. Well, OK, one dies, and one transcends; but only the ones you expected would all along. Does anyone want a big black leather coat? I've decided to get rid of mine.

I also took the bus to Witney and at every red light or traffic queue drew a bit more of this week's strip. Unfortunately I accidentally took the express back and had to finish up in Marks and Spencers cafe. The tea was horrible, but then everything tastes horrible at the moment. My night cold medication looks like absinthe, let's hope it knocks me out like absinthe, too. Last night was drowning misery. (On a bright note, I got back the photo of those enormous eyelashes.)
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