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... it lasts about two weeks

So even though I'm now coughing hard enough that it hurts, a lot, I suffer through a paracetemol break on Sunday so I'll just be able to medicate myself through the next three days, and work as normal. By the end of Monday, I'm seething and streaming, jolted by ephedrine and sort of half-dried by the decongestants. What am I doing this for? Does my job rate this sort of self-sacrifice? No, of course not, but I learnt my working habits on the farm, where if you took a day off, things would die, and later at Oxfam, where the answer to that question was still sometimes yes. And my ability to think clearly is always an early casualty, when I'm ill ...

The presentation looks great. I show it to Councillors. Make new contacts. Celebrate successes. Just the best, I am. The missing links between performance and display. We're all gathered there to celebrate 10 years of being signatory to the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child. Trouble is, I'm here to make badges with young people; and they're all in the next room, and their teacher won't let them come and make badges. And nobody thinks to get me through to them. I'd laugh, if it were funny. Me and my volunteer sit there getting boreder and boreder while the Councillors and Commissioners do their speeches (to think I passed up a free invite to a conference on e-government for this!) and when he starts fiddling with my precious wireless laptop, I let him get on with it, out of pity. He breaks it, of course, my fault for letting him. And at the end of all that, I have to lug two bloody laptops (including the broken one), the practically unused badge machine, not to mention the cards and the mnousemats and the data projector, of course, home on the bus, because by the time the Councillors are finished, the offices are closed. Oh, ow.

Which, if you're counting the days, ends up with me taking home a data projector the night after the extended version of The Two Towers comes out on DVD. Oh, every cloud ...


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22nd Nov, 2003 09:04 (UTC)
But we ratified UNCROC in 1991???
22nd Nov, 2003 09:39 (UTC)
it was specific to our local authority
-- marking the 10th anniversary of when we became signatory to it.
22nd Nov, 2003 09:50 (UTC)
Re: it was specific to our local authority
Gosh didn't know LAs did things like that - how enterprising! Funnily enough i was lecturing on the UN Conv on FRiday - I asked the class ( of about 200, who as 2nd years are practically children themselves) how many of them had heard of UNCROC after 12 years and about 3 had :(
22nd Nov, 2003 10:16 (UTC)
Re: it was specific to our local authority
It's probably down to having the Save the Children Childrens Rights Office just up the road -- we have a Childrens Rights Commissioner, a Councillor with special responsibility for Children and Young People and all that.

Which probably leads to more local awareness of childrens rights ... I've certainly had it quoted back at me by young people in circumstances where I didn't expect it.
22nd Nov, 2003 11:37 (UTC)
I can certainly sympathise with the bit about having to wait for other people to let you do your job. I get that all the time. And also, fruitlessly trying to find who it is that I need to let me do my job. It's a crazy, bureaucratic, crazy, crazy world.
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