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the plastic dinosaurs are sacrosanct

I walked past three people smoking a pipe on the way into work. A new trend?

Spamfall was heavy this weekend, and surprisingly informative. Apparently: "it's sunglasses that give attitude not clothes" (With Our Sunglasses - People Will Think You're Famous); "Un-Insured Americans Need Help Now" (probably true, but hardly my problem); offers to solve my problem with "Declined sherry Application ferrite" (actually, I have plenty of sherry); and, just to represent the bulk of my inbox, "how shame if u dont increase ur little size". Oh, the shame.

Meanwhile, the tidying continues ...

Pile after pile of books are coming off my shelves; all the limping torn-up rescue books from the bookshop, the fairy tales and sexology and picture books. I think I've discovered the source of all dust, and it's not me, after all; it's ancient paper decaying into silky pale motes that cover each tidied shelf as I move onto the next one up. I start by dusting, and I'm going to have to finish with dusting. There's a problematic side to spending all my evenings tidying, though; no weekly strip. But it has to be done. I'm averaging 5-15 books wastage on each shelf, and already the shelves are clearing. More will follow; I've not got to de-duping my Man from U.N.C.L.E novels yet, for example (though I have discarded almost all of my Biggles).

Kinder toys, kinder toys; keep them or chuck them? My little Museum of Cultural Ephemera, all those wonderful, tiny, bright little things. The only answer is to interrogate each individually. Are you wonderful? Are you where you should be? Are you entirely what you are?

Luckily, they can't talk back.


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25th Nov, 2003 04:31 (UTC)
If you're getting rid of anything tiny--send it my way.:-)
25th Nov, 2003 09:14 (UTC)
... what

... actually, I do have a small pile of items gathering in an envelope. When it reaches critical mass, it'll come your way. Only the best of the best, naturally!
25th Nov, 2003 09:22 (UTC)
Re: ... what
OOOOhhh!!!! I'm salivating!! :-)
25th Nov, 2003 04:40 (UTC)
I work sorting the incoming e-mail at an online casino. Apparently, we have the tiniest penis on the Internet.

It's a stark, stark day when you at last let go of your Biggles.
25th Nov, 2003 09:16 (UTC)
getting rid of Biggles Takes it Rough was a very difficult decision. (I have, however, kept Biggles and the Dark Intruder)

"we have the tiniest penis on the internet" would make a good staff t-shirt, maybe (nyeh-heh)
25th Nov, 2003 11:48 (UTC)
Re: indeed
That made me laugh so loud I'm hoping I didn't frighten the old woman next door.
25th Nov, 2003 05:18 (UTC)
Now that sounds like a joke;
I walked past three people smoking a pipe on the way into work.
but I can't think of a good punch line.
25th Nov, 2003 05:39 (UTC)
How did they smell?
25th Nov, 2003 05:40 (UTC)
Actually, I ought to be careful - she might bail out of the MCR if I'm too stupid.
25th Nov, 2003 05:54 (UTC)
Ooooh. Was I being rude without realising it?
25th Nov, 2003 05:57 (UTC)
No; I was being silly.
25th Nov, 2003 09:17 (UTC)
pretty bad --
-- but not as bad as the guy smoking a cigar.
25th Nov, 2003 05:58 (UTC)
Luckily, they can't talk back.
But you do need very good hearing and you will have to put an ear very close to them...
25th Nov, 2003 09:23 (UTC)
you don't need to encourage me ...

(I have enough conversations with inanimate objects as it is)
25th Nov, 2003 06:34 (UTC)
Snot Fair
Huh, you get much better spam than what I do! I want some of those make- you -look -famous sunglasses...
25th Nov, 2003 06:45 (UTC)
I seem to get rather a lot of porno...
How often do you get to see REAL footage of THE ULTRA RICH GETTING F07KED IN A HOME MOVIE?
Even though there is a short wait to watch the show, it's well worth it given how explicit it is!
25th Nov, 2003 09:22 (UTC)
Re: I seem to get rather a lot of porno...
there's a porn detector on our firewall, so what I mostly get is a lot of automated messages saying "we have detected that this message may not be suitable for business purposes"

... doesn't seem to detect the people who want to elongate my penis, mind (grrr.....)
25th Nov, 2003 11:03 (UTC)
Re: I seem to get rather a lot of porno...
... doesn't seem to detect the people who want to elongate my penis, mind (grrr.....)

The penis enhancing folk these days always seem to divide the penis up with punctuation, i.e. p.en-1s etc.
25th Nov, 2003 09:43 (UTC)
Re: I seem to get rather a lot of porno...
Yeh, ALL I get is porn, viagra offers, and stuff about taking out loans (hmmm, they MUST know me-) I also get these mysterious things in Japanese, that seem to have something to do with banking...
25th Nov, 2003 11:00 (UTC)
Re: I seem to get rather a lot of porno...
Well, aside from porn, viagra, finance and penis enlargement, I get adverts for all kinds of drugs, including someone offering to sell me heroin via their site, I get loads weight reduction schemes of various sorts (I should ask if they have some magic kind of weight reducing cream cake - shouldn't be surprised if they could supply one), and occasionally I get adverts for fairly ordinary things like remote controlled toy cars, sheets and towels, the fun never ends.
25th Nov, 2003 09:19 (UTC)
Re: Snot Fair
I think it's probably that I just get *much more* spam than you do -- those were selected from a delete of 190+ spam messages. Webmaster privileges ...

they were offering cable descramblers free with the sunglasses, so I bet they weren't *that* cool
25th Nov, 2003 13:22 (UTC)
similar tidying dilema.
Kinder egg toys are sometimes a keeper and sometimes a send to someone elser.
Plastic dinosaurs are going nowhere.
Books can be sorted and occassionally got rid of. But not often.
Records...no way are they going anyplace.
But what about my complete collection of Deadline?
And all those Fortean Times magazines from years ago.
Kinder egg toys though...more often than not i'd get rid of them.
star wars lego though?
26th Nov, 2003 06:50 (UTC)
I'm chary about sending things on
It just feels a bit like shifting my junk over to be somebody else's problem ... though I have built up quite a pile of things for other people now.

Here's one for you: plastic caterpillars and snakes, what's your position? (and does it make any difference if they're glow-in-the-dark?)
26th Nov, 2003 13:07 (UTC)
Re: I'm chary about sending things on
with the addition of blu tac you will find these plastic snakes etc attatch nicely to the edge of your computer monitor, only falling off occasionally- although it is the octopus I have that falls off the most. Of course if you have a laptop that info is probably redundant- and of course glow in the dark ones are better...
26th Nov, 2003 16:53 (UTC)
Re: I'm chary about sending things on
I don't know ... I prefer monitor lizards (ba-boom) though grabbing the glue gun and modifying the monitor isn't a bad idea ...

the caterpillars, though ... I gave away about half of them to kids trick-or-treating but I keep finding more in unexpected places

they're rather icky.
26th Nov, 2003 00:32 (UTC)
pipe smokers
i'm confused, those 3 people were they all smoking the same pipe at the same time or?
26th Nov, 2003 06:48 (UTC)
oxford, where hookahs line the streets ...
no, three seperate pipes, three seperate men; I walked past two more today. Maybe they're following me.
30th Nov, 2003 15:41 (UTC)
1st Dec, 2003 02:41 (UTC)
Dessabel's on my friends list. Did you see the lovely picture of Great Danes he posted a while back?
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