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the sunniest november


Originally I planned to do the 26 things photographic scavenger hunt running just one film through Pingo-Cam, but half-way through the film I had a sudden moment of orientation anxiety (accurately, as it turned out -- I didn't use any of the verticals) and realised it would have to be two.


As if they'd known I'd been banned from Snappy Snaps (for developing Pingo Cam's uneven shots, anyway) Boots sent me a voucher giving me 500 points back for every film I develop with them. So my resolution to shoot less, draw more, didn't last too well.


It was agreeable, chosing the shots after, writing the descriptions; as well as a hunt it's become a diary for November; my haunts and habits, the routes I walk, the things I saw and did and thought were worth the shot.

Carnivorous plants, a festive lobster, a giant telephone, Eid lights, debris and crash damage, and always the sun, blazing down on the marketplace, shining through banana leaves, casting shodows and of course staring down from the wall of the Turbine Hall in the Tate Modern.

Index Page to a hot late autumn.


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1st Dec, 2003 14:52 (UTC)
That first one is great - if only there could have been reflection in other bus as well though...
1st Dec, 2003 15:22 (UTC)
I can be shockingly crap
I didn't even notice the reflection till you mentioned it! I blame a year of reading nothing but transport schemes. ;-)

Sorry Jeremy, that is a really nice photo!
2nd Dec, 2003 03:15 (UTC)
not seeing the sky for the bus around it
I prescribe poetry, Doctor Zac, stat!
2nd Dec, 2003 06:28 (UTC)
Re: not seeing the sky for the bus around it
2nd Dec, 2003 02:50 (UTC)
ha ha ha
I'm afraid changing the laws of Physics to improve my photos is a bit beyond my powers :D
2nd Dec, 2003 06:29 (UTC)
Re: ha ha ha
Photo clippage for a single bus and boarding passengers (stairway to heaven)?

1st Dec, 2003 15:17 (UTC)
wonderful series! love em...
2nd Dec, 2003 03:14 (UTC)
thank you sir -- I'm most delighted to see the recent return of Slackbastard :)
2nd Dec, 2003 01:02 (UTC)
Damn You!
Is there no *@^%!!! end to your talent? What a cool batch of photos...The bus is just Too Bloody Good. Wah!
2nd Dec, 2003 03:18 (UTC)
and all the more treasured by me
because snapshots of things like that almost never work.
2nd Dec, 2003 05:02 (UTC)
Re: and all the more treasured by me
I loved the mannequin legs in broken glass, too. You really have been hitting the serendipities.
3rd Dec, 2003 01:08 (UTC)
i love them fotos
ages ago i did my chemistry degree at lincoln college (one of the little ones in turl street) and them fotos make me go all dreamyhappymelancholythoughtful. i love them. i can't even remember the name of the comic shops up the cowley road but i do remember acquiring lots and lots of flaming carrot and lonewolfandcub there instead of chemistry books. bad david. but lovely comics.
7th Dec, 2003 11:37 (UTC)
Rainbow's End
gone but not forgotten
3rd Dec, 2003 09:23 (UTC)
The photo number 25, shadows, is one of those moments. I have always been interested in photo novels and visual poetry, and if I take the venture to impose my taste into the shitty and despicable art world, everything will be melodramas in the form of index pictures. I warn everyone from here. One person achieved something of the sort before me, though: Felix Gonzalez-Torres. The images were puzzles and billboard ads. I bet you would like him.
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