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return of the weekly strip!

Tankless TasksOh yes, yes, yes! Fired by my attempts to recreate the contents of my lost folder from memory (a genuinely interesting experience) and the creative furore of Badger Cottage, I've done a weekly strip. I didn't really have time to, so I drew most of it on the top deck of the no. 100 bus to Witney, so please forgive the wobbly lines. It's called Tankless Tasks. Must go tidy up my room now.


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10th Dec, 2003 13:59 (UTC)
I want a tank SO BAD!

I have always been of the opinion that life would go a little smoother with a tank, even an old one, one of those little ww2 infantry tanks, the cute ones... please?

Vaguely related is that I once knew someone who owned not 1 but 6 tanks! He bought and restored old ww2 American, British, and German tanks and restored them, he kept them in an old train tunnel that was renovated as a garage.

He always made me a little nervous.
10th Dec, 2003 14:27 (UTC)
the small ones are very funky
-- we actually got to play with one, a bit, at school. It tore up the drive, went surprisingly fast.

... hmm, a man who kept six tanks in a disused railway carriage (strokes her imaginary white cat) sounds like a supervillain ...
10th Dec, 2003 14:33 (UTC)
Re: the small ones are very funky

We always assumed he was Mafia as he ran a local construction company that seemed to get every big contract in the surrounding 4 or 5 counties.
10th Dec, 2003 14:49 (UTC)
Re: the small ones are very funky
At my university, some of our geeks founded TankSoc, the purpose of which was to purchase a tank. I'm not sure what they intended to do with it if they'd ever got it. I suspect they weren't sure what they'd have done with it if they'd ever got it.
10th Dec, 2003 14:00 (UTC)
I am Tankful for your strip! ;-) I love it.
10th Dec, 2003 14:28 (UTC)
why, tank-you
10th Dec, 2003 14:24 (UTC)

Any news on the AWOL folder?
10th Dec, 2003 14:33 (UTC)
not a sausage
I have, however, reconstructed three of the weekly strip scripts, remembered most of the plot elements for "whores" (and come up with a few more) and rewritten Dennis <3 Minnie -- it has a different focus, and is less wistful and more jokey, but I think it's the better for it.

Fortunate that I looked at everything before I put it in the folder -- I think that the tracks will not be as easy a reconstruction job, though -- I'll practically be rewriting them from concept -- and the minicomics? Well, if they're definitely gone, they're gone.

Tony, tony turn around,
something's lost that must be found
10th Dec, 2003 14:36 (UTC)
Lovely! I'll be printing that and putting it on my office cube wall shortly...

and in <>tanks</i>, have a "Tank!" on me! :-)

11th Dec, 2003 03:00 (UTC)
! I'll be printing that and putting it on my office cube

Highest compliment for a cartoonist!
10th Dec, 2003 15:27 (UTC)
I'm afraid most of the residents of Chiswick are already there, with their bloody SUVs.

Highway code? I've got an SUV!
Common courtesy? etc etc etc... ;-)
10th Dec, 2003 16:30 (UTC)
Hah, that's so 1990s ... hereabouts, we're in HUMMER country!

I must confess, it's overly abundant to me that owners and drivers of said behemouths are running on some Blackhawk Down/Patriot fantasy - and if I were less pacifist, I'd feel compelled to fulfill their fantasy to its logical conclusion - Kalashnikov, RPG-7, and all.

Oh yeah, and put petrol-filled tires around their bloody necks too.

Justice I tell you, justice. ;-)

11th Dec, 2003 03:07 (UTC)
... sorry, I was just struck by the thought of somebody trying to drive a Hummer down Hawkins Street.

It'd get stuck, and the kids who play cricket on the corner would use it for their pavilion.
11th Dec, 2003 06:33 (UTC)
Re: hahahahahaha
Cartoon panel idea? ;-)
12th Dec, 2003 02:47 (UTC)
sounds a bit political to me
and I'm not sure I have the requisite manliness skills and knowledge to write a strip about cars and cricket
12th Dec, 2003 16:12 (UTC)
Needn't be political, necessarily
And I think you have all the requisite creative elements.

Just think of the bank-lorry-heist scene in Italian Job, with all the lads with big f-off sticks. Iconic British gangsters that is. :-)
11th Dec, 2003 03:05 (UTC)
SUVs just don't give
that authentically spine-jolting yes-I-AM-destroying-what-I'm-driving-on-and-I-just-don't-care! sensation of wanton property damage.

In fact, most SUVs strain to hide this aspect of their existence.

For which (among many other reasons) they should be despised.

Tanks are honest about what they do.
(Deleted comment)
11th Dec, 2003 05:34 (UTC)
... I'll pass. (groan)
11th Dec, 2003 14:37 (UTC)
whey hey!
*runs down to the Tank Shop to see if they have one left after the Xmas rush* :)

I believe Jimmy Cauty of the KLF bought one and installed some sort of East European sonic weapon in it - it was last seen heading for Twyford Down to intimidate the Roads Authority into not building the bypass, I think...
12th Dec, 2003 02:37 (UTC)
> some sort of East European sonic weapon

the one that (allegedly) makes you lose control of your bowels, or the one that produces feelings of paranoia and anxiety?

Good old KLF. Haven't heard much from them recently. (goes off to play pat-a-cake with ggoogle) Ah, wait, OK. Yes I have -- Silent Protest is one of Bill Drummond's ( more here -- http://www.penkiln-burn.com/ ) job's.
13th Dec, 2003 13:12 (UTC)
Re: Cool!
> some sort of East European sonic weapon

the one that (allegedly) makes you lose control of your bowels, or the one that produces feelings of paranoia and anxiety?

Ah, well, it all depends on the frequency you drive your bass bin at:
bowel loosening = 26 Hz
panic and anxiety = 19 Hz
detached internal organs = 5Hz v. loud

Trivia: spin driers run at between 16 - 30 Hz
Vibrators run at between 30 - 60 Hz

11th Dec, 2003 17:20 (UTC)
more tank related trivia
and the aphex twin, they say he owns a tank. fabby strip - very funny (armitage shanks - hahaha!) and lots of nice colours too. david likes those strips that use every felt tip in the pack.
12th Dec, 2003 02:44 (UTC)
I was worried that I might have to explain
about armitage shanks. But no. Joy :D

( ah, that'd be every felt-tip in Photoshop's palette of web-safe colours, then ... )
12th Dec, 2003 16:13 (UTC)
Re: I was worried that I might have to explain
Yeah, if your comic NEEDED dubious Americanised translation, 'American Standard' is a suitable substitute for Armitage Shanks. ;-)
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