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I may have mentioned that

I went to a party dressed as Captain Nemo recently. No? Well, I did.

Jeremy dressed as Captain Nemo

From sparkymark's gallery.


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11th Dec, 2003 10:08 (UTC)
Wow, psychedelic!
11th Dec, 2003 11:27 (UTC)
It's like a candy corn gave you a big face-sized kiss.

In other words, you're a doll.

11th Dec, 2003 12:43 (UTC)
Q about Mike
Was that Mike F, and was he dressed as Elvis?!
11th Dec, 2003 13:54 (UTC)
Re: Q about Mike
No, Wolverine: the problem with my new software that publishes while you are still at the party is that you can't tell if you have your camera (or in mt case, phone) settings correct before the world sees the results.
12th Dec, 2003 10:59 (UTC)
eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! you look soooooo cute!
me and my mum went to see that film together and she was restless all the way through - when they gonna find nemo? when they gonna find nemo? - and when they did find she exclaimed out loud (very loudly) 'thank christ for that they found that bloody fish!' and everybody laughed. except for some youngish children in front who turned round and scowled at us. i liked the seagull bits especially (must tell groc).
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