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tony, you're a saint!

This very morning, returned to me, one pink folder containing exactly the items that I remembered, including a couple of weekly strip scripts I had completely forgotten ("Judgement Call" and "Please be Quiet"). Accompanying the folder was a note, which read:
I am returning this towel to you as my husband packed it by mistake. He was staying at Hornstone cottage as part of Mr B Skirrow's party.
To my fuddled mind this rose a storm of questions: Who was Mr Skirrow? Did any of our group come from Sussex? How soft and absorbant was my folder? Before I realised that the envelope had been reused and the note referred to a different item of lost property altogether.

So, now; I owe Collatia magic fish and wooden dormice, St Anthony several candles and Mr Usbourne £3.10 and a thankyou gift. Yay!


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12th Dec, 2003 03:51 (UTC)
I'm very glad it came back to you. I wouldn't want you to remember the MCR as 'the event where you lost the folder'. I think Mr Skirrow must have something to do with squirrels.
12th Dec, 2003 04:03 (UTC)
Hurrah again!
Glad to hear you have it back.

I actually have a lovely wooden doormouse that we got from Green Knowe (otherwise known as The Manor at Hemingford Grey) which is a replica of the wooden doormouse that comes alive in the Children of Green Knowe book.
12th Dec, 2003 04:15 (UTC)
So pleased to hear you're re-foldered. May burn a candle to St. Anthony myself. He really is a cool little holy person.
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