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singing the housework blues

things the tidying said to meI keep cleaning and I'm not getting anywhere. What's wrong with me? Didn't I used to be good at housework? In a wild stab at restoring glamour, I drew this week's strip with my glass pen and sandalwood-scented ink. It's watery, but so very blue.


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15th Dec, 2003 17:09 (UTC)
That really cracks me up!
16th Dec, 2003 03:10 (UTC)
... well,
it's really cracking my hands up. Especially the antibacterial floor cleaner.
16th Dec, 2003 04:44 (UTC)
Re: ... well,
Rubber gloves!!! rubber gloves my dear!!!
15th Dec, 2003 17:39 (UTC)
tiny gundam explosion... that is my life (and a not half bad band name)
16th Dec, 2003 03:13 (UTC)
whyyyyy do they make them so fiddly and fragile?
Every time I pick it up, shiny plastic limbs fly in every direction (and usually end up down the back of something). I'd probably go see a band called Tiny Gundam Explosion. Bet they'd have good visuals.
16th Dec, 2003 11:53 (UTC)
Re: whyyyyy do they make them so fiddly and fragile?
They walk the dangerously thin line between model and toy, fragile but oh so articulated!

I like the MS in the pocket toys, even though they are only from Victory Gundam they are all tough and stuff so I can chase the cats (Mobile Armor Mrow) with absolute impunity!
15th Dec, 2003 19:06 (UTC)
Hmm yes, glamorously clear and blue. Good of you to spare us the true vileness of your filth >;P "Ineffectual pokey poke", ain't it da troot.
16th Dec, 2003 03:15 (UTC)
the feeeeeeeeeelth will return
when I'm less high on cleaning fluids.

in the meantime I'm relying on you to be extra specially filthy to compensate (hohoho)
16th Dec, 2003 07:45 (UTC)
the blue is pretty. and what is 'gundam'?
i don't know what 'gundam' is but i *feel* that i do. the blue you use is so pretty and watery. and to me blue plus pink is even prettier (you did a blue and pink strip recently didn't you?). and ps i loved it last strip when you hugged the tank in the most excellent way brimming full of tank-owning-happiness. i poked my friend peter and said look look look she's hugging the tank, she loves that tank.
16th Dec, 2003 08:56 (UTC)
a Gundam is an enormous giant robot suit piloted by a troubled teenaged boys
the one I am holding is a small plastic model, they come in kit form (and come apart a lot) it was a gift oh two christmasses ago. I think it's the one that belongs to floppy-haired to floppy-haired emotionless killing machine (and babe magnet) Heero.

The pink ink is rose-scented.

I do love my tank, even if it is only imaginary.

16th Dec, 2003 15:22 (UTC)
Re: a Gundam is an enormous giant robot suit piloted by a troubled teenaged boys
One could also add that Gundam is one of the longest-running Japanese anime merchandising franchises ever, exceeding Star Trek for both kitsch-to-buy, and iterations.

And yes, it's definitely about the hair, all about the hair, man. :-)


J: your weekly strip is timely, following the heals of a major cleanup I perpetrated in my house ... I think the dust-bunnies are angry and seeking revenge. I'll have to be careful when I return in January. :-)
17th Dec, 2003 03:09 (UTC)
you need dust weasels
... keeps the dust bunnies down.
17th Dec, 2003 08:13 (UTC)
Re: you need dust weasels
Hmm...dusty ecology - might just work, if I don't cough myself to death. ;-)
17th Dec, 2003 01:05 (UTC)
Re: a Gundam is an enormous giant robot suit piloted by a troubled teenaged boys
ooeer. another enormous world of merchandise i know nothing about. and roll on the day when they have smelly plugin for my browser: rose. i like roses (even though they make me wheeze).
17th Dec, 2003 08:14 (UTC)
Re: a Gundam is an enormous giant robot suit piloted by a troubled teenaged boys
Input 'gundam' into Google ... GOOGLE KNOWS ALL! ;-)

Yes, v. frightening. :-)
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