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The nigh-miracle that returned by folder to me last week has exacted its karmic revenge; my wallet's gone, lost for the first time in -- well, so long I'd forgotten all the security questions for cancelling my Visa card (what possessed me to use my old *furrymuck* ID as a memorable name?). Somehow, I don't think it's coming back.

Still, if fate feels that the potential value of the notes in my folder matches the potential value of the contents of my wallet, I'm flattered (if severely inconvenienced). Time to nip over and light another candle for St Anthony, I suppose. He'll probably look and me and say, tsk tsk, not you again ...

[EDIT] Thanks to the power of badasstronaut's bottom and the intercession of St Anthony (does somebody think I'm a conversion prospect?), returned, safe and sound. Hurrah! I would have been a shame to lose my life membership card for Oxford University's Dr Who Society ...


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18th Dec, 2003 03:08 (UTC)
I generally lose things and know they'll turn up, when the place is a mess. I only worry if I'm being tidy.

Meanwhile remind Jenni not to challenge me to a duel (although it was close).
18th Dec, 2003 03:46 (UTC)
it's on the bus
... or it was, at 2am last night.

Losing something in my living room wouldn't be news ;)
18th Dec, 2003 03:09 (UTC)
Seeing my bottom can beat the entire world, maybe I should get it to beat up the bus company.
18th Dec, 2003 03:50 (UTC)
perhaps your bottom could persuade it nicely to return it to me
with a seductive dance?
18th Dec, 2003 03:53 (UTC)
18th Dec, 2003 05:26 (UTC)
Thanks -- your bottom RULES!

(wallet returned to the bus station c. noon)
18th Dec, 2003 06:02 (UTC)
Re: hey!
18th Dec, 2003 05:22 (UTC)
Not your WALLET!! do you think it was picked from your pocket? how arwful.
18th Dec, 2003 05:27 (UTC)
no --
my own carelessness. But no harm done -- the bus driver found it, once he knew to look.
18th Dec, 2003 06:10 (UTC)
Re: no --

I'm worried you're now going to really test the system and lose something really, really big. I hestitate to suggest what.
18th Dec, 2003 06:46 (UTC)
Re: no --
18th Dec, 2003 06:46 (UTC)
Re: no --
Not that he's really big, just bigger than a wallet or folder... I didn't mean that to sound rude.
18th Dec, 2003 07:21 (UTC)
(collapses in helpless laughter)

18th Dec, 2003 07:25 (UTC)
well, the next step up
is probably my bike. (thinks for a minute) Actually, I think my front tooth cost more than my bike. Though it's not that big.
18th Dec, 2003 07:52 (UTC)
Returned intact to bus station?! Obviously, St Anthony took a big shine to you! Ha, now you have to become a Catholic! (:oD)
18th Dec, 2003 09:19 (UTC)
Re: Wow!
Does it hurt?
18th Dec, 2003 09:33 (UTC)
Mmmmmm Daleks... what?
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