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My mouth tastes powerfully of synthetic orange and there's a sprinkling of scomata across the centre of my vision, like transdimensional christmas glitter. The first big stab of pain came like a bolt from the blue, straight through my right temple. Now the skin all over that side of my head feels like its crawling. Damn it (pill) I will not get a migraine (pill) just before I go to the cinema to see Return of the King.

(Or maybe I will -- I went to see Laurie Anderson with a blinding head on, after all. And South Sea Company Prospectus. Gah! It'll be fine...)


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18th Dec, 2003 11:30 (UTC)
I never get tastes, but often smells, or ordinary smells get intensified and strangely changed, flavors might as well but it's usually too hard to eat if I have gotten that far so I'm not too sure.

I keep meaning to try to use the little bastards in an artistic manner, try to make music or draw or something, but I usually just end up feeling sorry for myself and waiting for it to end or me to die, whichever offers it's sweet release first.

If I can finally get a little space where I can keep my music gear set up that might help, bypass the annoyance of figuring out which cable goes where.
19th Dec, 2003 02:03 (UTC)
I don't know you'd get anything good
... when I do draw under the influence I just produce page after page of noodling scribble, frizzy loops and jaggedy bits -- I find the sound of the pencil soothing, though.

Don't think I could do anything that needs setting up or consideration -- but I always have rough paper and pencils to hand

I don't get sick, but I do get pathetically incapable.
21st Dec, 2003 07:48 (UTC)
Re: I don't know you'd get anything good
Yeah setup would be right out, the end result of trying to figure out how to correctly hook up any given piece to any other given piece would likely be that piece embedded in the wall. But If I have it all set up already I could get some noise I could work with (the advantages of odd electronic music, ANYTHING can be used if you try hard enough).

Or perhaps I should just rant and groan in to a recorder for a while.

18th Dec, 2003 14:43 (UTC)
& todays new word is
"cintillating scotomata (expanding scomata with scintillating border consisting of shimmering zig-zag patterns that starts as a hazy spot in the center of one visual hemifield => expands slowly over ~ 20 minutes as it moves to the periphery of the involved half of the visual field and disappears over the edge)"

ooh - I never knew what they were called!
that's about all I ever get (rarely) & I feel lucky that that's where it ends: saints seeing blazing cities...

19th Dec, 2003 02:07 (UTC)
I'm the only person on livejournal interested in scomata. When I see scomata it seems to me that if I could only concentrate over the pain, I could see through them into something else.
19th Dec, 2003 11:36 (UTC)
Re: scomata
some Parisian doctor/journalist described some early cubist paintings using the expression "scintillating scotomar" ie: i hate these paintings they make my head hurt. and then appolinaire wrote something in defense of the works. (read that in my copy of 'New Bohemians' by Dan Franck a good while ago.)
19th Dec, 2003 04:11 (UTC)
I must admit I was quite surprised....
This is so cool! I always did think that your 10th Dec 2001 taste description of my old band SSCP (RIP) was the best live gig writeup we ever had, so much so that I kept an archive of the page for my own collection of posters, memorabilia and splintered drums sticks which reminds me of the time. Anyway, it is Friday and I am waiting for the clock to get off it's behind and move to going home time, when I can start two weeks of not being here, and I should be trying to tie up those loose ends which I know could be my noose when I return to work in January, but hey, you know how it is. Idly flicking through my HD I came across the archived page from 2001, and not having read it for over a year and a half decided to read through it again, and remember the good old days. More time wasting needed, I clicked on the link that goes to this online page, and wow, there in your latest entry you mention my old band, South Sea Company Prospectus, again! This was so cool! Anyway, I never did thank you for writing up one of our gigs as experienced through the medium of taste in such a fantastic way, so slightly belatedly, thank you.
19th Dec, 2003 06:01 (UTC)
Re: I must admit I was quite surprised....

that was a good gig.

Though I still wonder if it was you that did for the fish.

It's nice hearing something like this -- I never really know what people make of the synaesthesia lass stuff, so I'm glad you enjoyed it.

(I don't seem to have gotten much less busy since then)
20th Dec, 2003 05:57 (UTC)
Re: I must admit I was quite surprised....
We deny everything
19th Dec, 2003 10:19 (UTC)
My mouth tastes powerfully of synthetic orange and there's a sprinkling of scomata across the centre of my vision, like transdimensional christmas glitter.

I hate it when that happens.
22nd Dec, 2003 06:55 (UTC)
go ahead,
mock the afflicted
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