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walking north through sleet

I take a wrong turn during a websearch and find myself in Christian Country: life is short: pray hard, it tells me. Hmf. I was only trying to find out if my local church has a midnight mass. All toys deserve to have adventures like these. Instead of being sent to the charity shop by their heartless owner. Or sent as gifts to little sisters. I'm a little worried by the 12 days of livejournal meme. So far I've been a-winking, a-grinding ... I need to get out of the gutter and start doing sensible healthy things, possibly involving partridges in pear trees. I already made a start by buying fruit for lunch (including a free clementine!) but man cannot live on fruit alone. I must also have neurofen+, because after this weekend's vomiting frenzy I feel a little bit like my stomach and back have been hit by planks. I suppose that if I vomited more, I'd be more used to it. I was just taught the hand-gestures for "a partridge in a pear tree" by Admin Chris! Strange the things you find out. They say my hair is boring. No pleasing some people. Unwrap your new body this holoday season (spam from the future?) Moments of gifted realisation: My only audience seems to be a really insistent id.


23rd Dec, 2003 08:49 (UTC)
Good Tidings from Gabriel...
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