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eaten, drunk and merried

The Golden Age of Fashion - Calendar 2003With the end of the year, a few projects come to fruit. Here's the first of them -- The Golden Age of Fashion Calendar 2003, on which I have been recording my own clothes in those little squares you're supposed to write important dates in, or mark off with a cross. Here, there's one from each filled-in month; from new year Matrix-y black and leathers, through springtime scruff and unseasonal warmth to midsummer madness, the miserable oven of July, outdoor Shakespeare tomfoolery, through the great September purge of my wardrobe (RIP colourful trousers, stained Keith Haring t-shirt) and the hottest October on record to natural colours and midlength coats for wandering the (oxford)shire and flannel pyjamas and cosy cardigans for the endless sorting of stuff. There's 2003 -- my favourites from the real days (the imaginary days may follow).


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28th Dec, 2003 18:58 (UTC)
Neat! Is August the Shakespeareian tomfoolery? I'd love to see a photo of the actual getup.
29th Dec, 2003 02:42 (UTC)
did I say real? oops.
I'm afraid that August is an entire month of conceptual constumes -- this one has elements of real costumes I saw at productions in Oxford college gardens and the Globe. July's t-shirts aren't real, either.

Ruffs are extremely hard to make.
28th Dec, 2003 19:21 (UTC)
wonderful! 12 months of sartorial sass!
29th Dec, 2003 01:48 (UTC)
September trews are (were?) stunning!
29th Dec, 2003 02:44 (UTC)
they were
but alas, I could no longer wear them in public without laughing every time I caught sight of my own knees.

Times change, fashions change.

These two items were probably the hardest to part with of them all (and I got rid of enough to fill an 30 days!).
(Deleted comment)
29th Dec, 2003 16:25 (UTC)
yes; well spotted
considering all my extra added twiddly bits.

Not easily confused, at all.
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