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Io Saturnalia

Dirty South Bank Pictures by Banksy

Joyous Eid, Happy Hannukah, Bright Solstice, Merry Christmas, and Satisfactory Winterval to you all.


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29th Dec, 2003 10:32 (UTC)
A curious pic given that Vikky couldn't believe that women engaged in "unnatural" practices.

Oh. And the underwear is all wrong too!


29th Dec, 2003 16:23 (UTC)
> And the underwear is all wrong too!

That's a matter of opinion.
30th Dec, 2003 08:37 (UTC)
For the time period!!!


but I have to confess to being a fan of suspenders and stockings...
30th Dec, 2003 08:47 (UTC)
hey i can see pink hair.... at least, i think i can.
is that pink or red hair then? and tut tut tut...graffiti. evil bad graffiti ;@)
31st Dec, 2003 02:19 (UTC)
in the picture?
Holly Berry red.

In real life, currently Blueberry Hill (bright purple). All my sisters gave me purple things for christmas so I dyed my hair in a panic.
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