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New Year's Revolutions

Things I should do:
  1. Stop using the excuse that "it's not my problem".
  2. Chore something in the house every damn day.
  3. Finish one of the long ones (at least as a script).
  4. Read the Koran/Quran.
  5. Practice being less nervous in conversation with semi-strangers.
  6. Put more effort into my appearance (settling on a hair colour would be a good start).
  7. Drill down the comics collection.
  8. Refresh my website (and buy my domain name).
  9. The big black book.

Things I should *not* do:
  1. Learn to drive.
  2. Try to resolve things with my father.
  3. Join the gym.
  4. Get rid of the clothes that don't suit me.
  5. Dwell on the things I don't manage to finish.
  6. Wake up earlier.
  7. Spend more time and effort on work.
  8. Hesitate when showing people my stuff.
  9. Give up drinking.

I didn't do very well on last year's resolutions, so this year I've made them less SMART. (Actually, I didn't do badly on 1,4 and 5 and made some progress on 2 -- unfortunately, said progress was vastly outweighed by new projects arriving.)
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