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first strip of 2004

I keep a good friend on video tape... completed just as I get another bad cold. Ah-choo! I keep a good friend on video tape has (I think) the first celebrity guest star in the Weekly Strip (excluding people I actually know) -- though I've been writing the odd scene featuring the ghost of Derek Jarman for a while, now, this is his first actual appearance.

A few notes:
  • The three glowing eggs I'm juggling in the first two panels are ... well, they're glowing eggs. Damian gave them to me for christmas.
  • Derek Jarman directed the film Caravaggio, in which the paintings are presented as tableaux. The boy in the tableau for Love Triumphant (also called Eros or Cupid) wasn't perfect.
  • That "nice Chris Lowe fellow" is the more sullen of the Pet Shop Boys; Jarman directed some of their videos.
  • The tape I'm passing to him in the final scene is #1 of my home tapes of An Evening With Derek, Channel 4's celebration of Jarman's career, all the way from Glitterbug to Blue.
  • The title is a quote (anyone recognise it?), my original title was "Glitterbuggers".
Goodness. I'd forgotten that Sean Bean co-starred in Caravaggio. Full gallery.
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