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first strip of 2004

I keep a good friend on video tape... completed just as I get another bad cold. Ah-choo! I keep a good friend on video tape has (I think) the first celebrity guest star in the Weekly Strip (excluding people I actually know) -- though I've been writing the odd scene featuring the ghost of Derek Jarman for a while, now, this is his first actual appearance.

A few notes:
  • The three glowing eggs I'm juggling in the first two panels are ... well, they're glowing eggs. Damian gave them to me for christmas.
  • Derek Jarman directed the film Caravaggio, in which the paintings are presented as tableaux. The boy in the tableau for Love Triumphant (also called Eros or Cupid) wasn't perfect.
  • That "nice Chris Lowe fellow" is the more sullen of the Pet Shop Boys; Jarman directed some of their videos.
  • The tape I'm passing to him in the final scene is #1 of my home tapes of An Evening With Derek, Channel 4's celebration of Jarman's career, all the way from Glitterbug to Blue.
  • The title is a quote (anyone recognise it?), my original title was "Glitterbuggers".
Goodness. I'd forgotten that Sean Bean co-starred in Caravaggio. Full gallery.


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4th Jan, 2004 15:16 (UTC)
I don't know the quote, but it makes me think of "Enchanted April" and the old lady who keeps her dead author friends near her as comfort.

Also, mmmm glowing eggs
4th Jan, 2004 15:21 (UTC)
Nothing so highbrow, I'm afraid.

> mmmm glowing eggs
they change colour!
4th Jan, 2004 15:21 (UTC)
Also I also must mention that upon reading this I went in search of glowing eggs because the idea amused me.

Unfortunatly I was quite sidetracked when the first lead took me to sexy-sex-toys.co.uk and an entirely different kind of egg... but it still glows... which I find somewhat confusing.

Also there is a company called cybernookie.com which has me in hysterics!
4th Jan, 2004 15:29 (UTC)
they're called oggz
here they are: http://www.hippygift.com/ogledligbynu.html

... bah, those "glow eggs" are just glow in the dark. Nothing like as good as mine!
5th Jan, 2004 01:40 (UTC)
Re: they're called oggz
Those eggs look cool. Are they squashy?
5th Jan, 2004 13:13 (UTC)
they squish, they squash, they glow.
4th Jan, 2004 15:21 (UTC)
anyone recognise it?
4th Jan, 2004 15:32 (UTC)
*without* using Google
... you lazy sausage.

... anyway, that page is just using the same quote as me.
4th Jan, 2004 17:23 (UTC)
*I laughed till I cried!!*

--Miss Manners
5th Jan, 2004 13:34 (UTC)
I *was* altogether too amused
by the idea of dressing up Elijah Wood as Love Triumphant ...

here's hoping it spontaneously occurs to one of those photographers who like to make celebrities do weird things.
5th Jan, 2004 02:00 (UTC)
What might Derek Jarman make of the hairy feet?
5th Jan, 2004 13:29 (UTC)
he wasn't really one for much in the way of special effects
too expensive! That said, he was very interested in clothes. He'd probably have dumped the latex and dressed them in frighteningly expensive trousers ... (borrowed from the designer, to be returned later, of course)

Funny -- it just occurred to me. Annie Lennox (who sings the song at the end of Return of the King) also sings in Jarman's film Edward II, just turns up and sings a song in the middle of a scene. Jarman on what she was doing there: "Well, if you were king for a day who would you have to sing for you?"

That gives Return of the King and (Queer) Edward II a Kevin Bacon of 1.

It's all connected.
5th Jan, 2004 06:43 (UTC)
Ghost ly Pals
That is sooo cool. I don't know ENCHANTED APRIL; must check it out. I have several dead, famous queen imaginary friends, myself. Mostly, though, I hang out with Chaliapin.
5th Jan, 2004 13:50 (UTC)
Jarman's a bit too cool for me, really
... I'm far more usually in the company of Aubrey Beardsley (and sometimes Aphra Behn).

There's also a novel about a woman who spends a lot of time chatting to dead people -- poets and writers. She's also obsessed with cleaning ... it's on the bookshelf somewhere.

That Chaliapin -- quite the looker in his day.

6th Jan, 2004 01:23 (UTC)
Re: Jarman's a bit too cool for me, really
Whoa! Nice link! I don't think I've ever seen that 'young man in boots' pic. Squeee!
I wonder if it's perverted to actually fancy dead people? I have REALLY gotta have him in the next world...
6th Jan, 2004 03:57 (UTC)
I fancy dead people
I think it's quite sensible.

"with a cigarette" is also rather cute -- "Holding something mysterious", a touch diappointing ...

Sandy's Opera Gallery is a bit of a treasurehouse, really.
6th Jan, 2004 04:20 (UTC)
Re: I fancy dead people
Yeh, that hat really doesn't suit him... Chaliapin was a very good cartoonist, btw. (Sigh...wotta guy!)
Sandy's Opera Gallery is a brilliant find; love it intensely!
5th Jan, 2004 14:09 (UTC)
i see gay people
dead and proud - that's boss!!! .........and yay i see your new purple hair i do and (true this) this comes just after i've on and off been dreaming and wishing your next strip to be a Rumblefish stylee getting purple hair and getting purple presents strip but with everything else in various shades of grey. and your hair going red to purple. i almost wished into existence - but this is MUCH better even.
6th Jan, 2004 04:00 (UTC)
the gay ghost
I cut it all off this morning, I'm afraid.

It was getting too long (and edging into the lavender rinse look -- eek!). Glad you liked it --
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