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and now plan to do the obvious

... tiny, shiny, dykes to watch out for!

One more thing: it's good to come home to fairy lights round my computer and an inbox full of party invites. Even if I'll probably have to miss one because of family obligations...


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7th Jan, 2004 19:02 (UTC)
this is for real?!?!??!
8th Jan, 2004 02:45 (UTC)
well, the doll is real
... but my interpretation of it is somewhat left of centre.

It is, in fact, a Bratz lil' boyz doll.

As you can tell by "his" er, manly pout.
8th Jan, 2004 05:18 (UTC)
Re: well, the doll is real
somehow i thought that alison bechdel wouldn't be bringing out a line of dolls -- although i like your take on it!
8th Jan, 2004 01:31 (UTC)
I'm going to go to A.P.E. and meet Alison Bechdel, oh yes.

Hey, do you know how to contact the bugpowder.com people? The e-mail addy on the site (pete@bugbowder.com) don't go nowhere.
8th Jan, 2004 02:53 (UTC)
Tell he she's fantastic from me, won't you?

Uhm ... I'm pretty sure that Bugpowder management is currently with Jez ... certainly Pete doesn't use his old Bugpowder address any more (a spam magnet, apparently) and may not be very actively involved in Bugpowder at all right now.

So, try Jez.
11th Jan, 2004 15:56 (UTC)
feline paws all over me
re: music....is that top popsters feline, then? - as in them two that now live in brighton?...i got 'pawed' on gaydar by one of them the other day (the lovely oirish one)...we both did chemistry degrees..he probed metalloproteins and me, i made borates and gave them a probing as well...i squealed when he messaged me...but [heh heh] in cyberspace no-one can hear you squeal (on meeting a minor popstar!!) i was sooooo wet and starstruck it was funny, it was.

i like the dyke dolly's sideburns, i do.
12th Jan, 2004 16:57 (UTC)
Re: feline paws all over me

I have no idea. It's a promo CD with very little info (though it is purple velveteen) though it does tell me that Feline are Grog (a she), Drew, Ted and Mig.

Strikes me as the sort of name more than one band might have.
13th Jan, 2004 04:21 (UTC)
Re: feline paws all over me
mmmmm...purple velveteen. nice idea. sounds like another group named feline to me. too many members.
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