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compassionate leave (me alone)

Shouldn't feel down I have two days off work (compassionate leave from my boss who is very compassionate but seems telepathically to detect when I least want her to call) but somehow I just feel wan and tired maybe it's the thought of the garden waiting for me to peel the dead things out of it and prepare it for winter (if I can fight past the spiders which have grown huge and started spinning webs across the path) or maybe it's that I'm emotionally drained too many maps and bike-rides, had to cycle far too fast to get to my six-o-clock meeting (thanks to my boss and her eerie precision when it comes to bad times for calls) she doesn't call and I miss her (she works miles away, we're not in the same office) and then she calls and I can't talk to her my synchronicity's always off at work poor thing she has a virus that's making her dizzy and fall down, it's in my ear she says.....

things I like doing: eating large fish eggs (even though they don't taste of much)